New York City Absentee Ballots Turn up 5 Months Late

June 2, 2018 Last Updated: June 2, 2018

Nearly 2,000 pieces of mail bound for the New York City Board of Elections, has arrived five months late, reported Fox News.

On April 24 and April 25, the United States Postal Service (USPS) dropped off nearly 2,000 pieces of mail, of which 533 were absentee ballots, that was to be counted towards the November 2017 general election.

“The only explanation that we got from the post office is that somehow a batch of our mail was hung up in their process,” Board of Elections Executive Director Michael Ryan said.

In a letter from USPS to the New York City Board Of Elections, a verbal agreement stating that the Board would pick up the mail was reached.

However, “local management failed to follow up and did not continue delivery because they expected a pick up even after the October-November agreement,” the letter continued.

“The fact we volunteered to help them out and go pick up mail throughout the election season should have only improved the delivery process,” Ryan said. “It should not have slowed it down.”

According to Fox News, the ballots were from 20 different assembly districts that were for mayor, public advocate, comptroller, and several judicial and City Council races.

“We want everyone to be able to participate and to have their votes count.”

“The right to vote is a sacred one, and whether it was one that was improperly processed or 533 is of no moment to the Board of Elections,” Ryan said.

“[it] does not excuse the failure of delivery of this important mail,” Ryan added.

Voters are expected to be notified if their ballot was misplaced by next week, along with a letter from USPS and the Board explaining the reasons why this happened.

Credit: Fox news via Video Elephant