Above and Beyond: What Police Got Up To After Hurricane Irma

September 14, 2017 12:27 pm Last Updated: November 17, 2017 12:07 pm

“To serve and protect” apparently includes helping citizens deal with natural disasters, at least according to the twitter feeds of police in Florida.

Now that Hurricane Irma has passed, Florida residents are left to literally pick up the pieces in an effort to get on with their lives.

But some of those pieces are tree-sized, which makes picking them up difficult, to say. Luckily, Florida police have no hesitation about trading a sidearm for a chainsaw.

Of course, after a hurricane, people need more than a few trees removed, and many are left in life-threatening conditions without basic necessities. Florida police also stepped up to protect residents from hunger by serving up free food.

When the going got hot, police also delivered ice…

…and even air conditioning.

Of course, they also protected property from looters.

And made sure residents returned to evacuated areas in an orderly fashion.

But they also did more, like cleaning up playgrounds,

…and filling in as generator technicians.

It wasn’t all work and no play.

But it was certainly enough to leave anyone exhausted.