A Very French Chicken Arrives in Hell’s Kitchen

BY Epoch Times Staff TIMEMay 23, 2014 PRINT

Adam Jama remembers the rotisserie chickens his family used to get on weekends, a simple, tasty way to get lunch on the table quickly after outings. At his newly opened Poulette, in Hell’s Kitchen, he recreates this “very French” chicken, crusted over with herbs and roasted to the point of mouth-watering tenderness. The chickens are hormone- and antibiotic-free and come from upstate New York. The sides are delicious: roasted Brussels sprouts with Marcona almonds, roasted herbed red potatoes, and quinoa kale salad. Whole 3-pound chicken, $17.75; quarter-chicken and side, $9. 

790 Ninth Ave. (Between 52nd and 53rd streets)

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