A Trip to Ghost Town Bodie, California (+Photos)

January 29, 2015 8:53 pm Last Updated: October 31, 2017 2:26 pm

Bodie, California, following the discovery of gold in 1859, became a bustling, Wild West, boom town. Bodie had all the amenities of some of the larger towns. At its peak of prosperity, around 1876, 65 saloons lined the mile-long Main Street. Businesses included four volunteer fire companies, a Wells Fargo Bank, various merchant stores, a brass band, a railroad, unions for the miners and mechanics, several daily Bodie newspapers and a busy jail. Shootouts, murders, saloon brawls, and stagecoach holdups were regular occurrences.

Today, Bodie is nothing more than a ghost town. Left with only memories of its wild days, a small part—including only one of the many gold mills that once existed there—survived. About 110 structures are still standing in a state of weathered decay, but the interiors of some structures remain stocked with goods and relics of the past.

Visitors walk the deserted streets remembering its bustling Wild West activity, and maybe listening for the legendary townspeople said to haunt their old abodes.

One is a ghostly man said to gaze out of a second floor window in one of the buildings. Another is a young girl who was accidentally killed by a miner, who is said to walk through the old cemetery. An elderly woman has reportedly been spotted in a rocking chair, moving back and forth. The town is even said to include a ghost mule that roams the streets; it is said to have been killed when a mine shaft collapsed. Some claim they have the heard the mule trotting along and could smell the strong aroma of mule droppings.

Perhaps the scariest specter is that of the revengeful, dangerous killer named Ed. He supposedly shot his wife dead in a drunken rage. Three men beat Ed viciously to death because he murdered his own wife. His angered spirit is said to have sought revenge. According to folklore, all three men were mysteriously killed as retribution.

If you love visiting old ghost towns, then this one you may not want to miss.

Inside a building in Bodie, Calif. (Jon Sullivan/PDphoto.org/Wikimedia Commons)
Inside a building in Bodie, Calif. (Jon Sullivan/PDphoto.org/Wikimedia Commons)
Interior of the saloon in Bodie, Calif. (Jon Sullivan/PDphoto.org/Wikimedia Commons)
Interior of the saloon in Bodie, Calif. (Jon Sullivan/PDphoto.org/Wikimedia Commons)

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