A Simple and Cost-Effective Way to Get Rid of Lice That You Might Be Unaware Of

March 14, 2020 Updated: March 14, 2020

It’s no secret head lice are quite annoying and a common problem in households with school-aged children. These tiny critters lay eggs that live in your hair and suck your blood. Lice can be really hard to get rid of, and using a lice comb can be a distressing experience, especially for children.

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However, lice are not fatal, and they don’t carry any disease and thus aren’t considered a health hazard. But having these parasites living in your head can be an unpleasant experience that many would rather not want. According to Medical News Today, they commonly spread in school environments. Due to their contagious nature, if one child in a class has them, it can quickly spread to the whole class.

Head lice can lay thousands of eggs, and symptoms may not show until weeks after infestation. Sometimes it might even take months.

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However, the most well-known sign of head lice infestation is itching, which is actually an allergic reaction to louse saliva. In addition to this, the other symptoms include irritability, difficulty sleeping, and a feeling of something moving around your head.

While special lice shampoo might be an efficient way to get rid of these pesky parasites, it’s also filled with a whole lot of unwanted chemicals. Meanwhile using a nit comb doesn’t just take longer but can be an uncomfortable experience. Moreover, if you fail to get every single one of these critters out with the comb, they can lay eggs, reproduce, and you’re back to where you started within days. You will then have to repeat the process yet again.

However, there is a lesser-known quick and painless method by home decor blog Lolly Jane. What makes this ideal is that it doesn’t even require any harmful chemicals, and all you need are a few items.

Things You Need:

1. White wine vinegar

2. Listerine

3. A shower cap or a plastic bag

4. A couple of towels

5. One fine-tooth comb

6. Tea tree oil

7. Coconut milk conditioner


1. The first thing you need to do is soak your hair with Listerine before covering your head with the shower cap. Let it sit on for about two hours.

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2. Afterward, rinse your hair with water before soaking it in the white wine vinegar. Cover your hair again with the shower cap and let it sit for two hours.

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3. Then use a fine-tooth comb and pick out the lice.

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4. Next, rinse out your hair and wash it with a normal shampoo, but add 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil to the shampoo bottle.

5. Finally, condition with any brand of coconut conditioner.

However, if the infestation persists for several months, make sure you seek the advice of a dermatologist.