A Retired K9 Uses His Talent and Helps a Desperate Neighbor

A retired K9 police dog has put his talent to good use in helping find something precious to his neighbor in Utah.

Retired K9 Cooper in West Valley City, Utah. (Screenshot/Fox)

A K9 named Copper used to work for the West Valley City Police Department for nine years and is now enjoying the first year of retirement.

Copper’s handler and owner Sergeant Shane Matheson said the dog had a successful career and was able to find missing children and many suspects.

“His nose has led us to a lot of bad guys,” he said.

Recently, when a desperate neighbor, Ashley Johnson, couldn’t find her pet, a tortoise named Harold, she thought of Copper’s talent.

“I said, ‘I know it’s far-fetched and I know it’s kind of a crazy idea,’” she said.

Retired K9 Cooper and Sergeant Shane Matheson in West Valley City, Utah. (Screenshot/Fox)

Johnson spent hours and hours looking for her missing tortoise, which had been out grazing in the grass a few days prior.

In the past, she actually found Copper when he was lost and helped the pooch reunite with his owner. Shen then learned about his work history.

Upon request, Cooper sniffed the tortoise’s hut right away, traced the smell and led everyone to the retaining wall outside Johnson’s yard, where the tortoise was hiding.

With the help of the retired K9, resident Ashley Johnson found her missing tortoise in West Valley City, Utah. (Screenshot/Fox)

“I was ecstatic! I started screaming and jumping up and down,” Johnson said upon finding her pet.

At the same time, the K9 seemed to enjoy the fact that his skills were still able to help someone in need.