[VIDEO] A perfect storm! Extraordinary footage caught on camera in the Midwestern US

November 29, 2017 Last Updated: December 23, 2017

A video was taken of an extraordinary scene in the sky somewhere in South Dakota which looked like a scene out of a Sci-fi movie. Watch this stunning and beautiful storm ever captured on camera!

On June 19, 2015, near the town of Wall, South Dakota a phenomenal storm was captured on camera spiraling in the skies.

The swirling weather system had an almost surreal streak to it as it remained suspended above a road in the Midwestern state.

One of the most beautiful storms ever captured on camera as it passed through the Midwestern United States

As the storm swirled in the sky, thunder could be heard crashing in the background. The storm illuminated a swirl of color, mostly of a bluish light as it moved through the clouds.

The separation of the clouds from the spiraling storm was very clearly seen in the amazing footage that was captured.

Drivers traveling along the interstate were so flabbergasted by what they saw, they couldn’t help but be captivated by the extraordinary phenomenon unfolding in the sky.

One motorist even stopped on the Interstate 90 heading east, to capture these great photos and videos and be mesmerized by the scene.

The beauty of the colorful swirl emitted an almost elegant glow as thunder crashed in the background

A motorist captures this exquisite storm when he stopped on the interstate to capture scenes of the marvelous weather system

Behold the beauty of nature! As splendid as it is daunting! A reminder that it cannot be taken for granted!