A Peek Into the Historical 1887 Queen Anne’s Mansion That Was Restored With $500,000

September 5, 2019 Updated: September 10, 2019

A decrepit Queen Anne Victorian House had been abandoned for years and almost forgotten. However, when this couple bought it, they not only restored it but also managed to recreate its splendid historical charm.

It was 1887 when the imposing house was built on Linden Avenue in York, central Pennsylvania, for an industrialist named Samuel Nevin Hench. When couple Jim and Jean Leaman purchased the property in 2006, it looked like it had seen better days. Jim was a retired biology teacher, and Jean was an administrative assistant. Both were in their sixties when they decided to buy and transform the home into a real asset for Pennsylvania.

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At the time of purchase, the building was covered and hidden by maple trees and infested with termites, and part of the roof was destroyed.

History mystery photo: This is one of York's most memorable homes. Many know it, but its restored beauty is awaits those…

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It took them three years and US$500,000 to renovate and restore this uninhabitable house. They did most of the work themselves and kept the original 1800s style. “We wanted this to be a restoration to the original,” Jean Leaman explains as per York Daily Record.

The Lady Linden. Gorgeous!

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The couple replaced the porches, removed signs of an earlier 1930s remodel, filled the house with 19th-century furniture, and reinvented the whole building while staying true to the authentic architecture. They even recreated the ceilings to match the ones from Victorian times and got a carpenter to repair every piece of original natural wood that was in the house.

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According to Jim Leaman, their restoration project served as inspiration for their neighbors to start working on their own home improvements. “Everyone wants to keep up and make their house nicer,” he says.

In 2009, after three long years of renovating the house, Jim and Jean reopened it as a Bed & Breakfast, and they named it “The Lady Linden.” The venture proved a very successful one for them as they ran the business for seven years before deciding to move on. “It’s been a labor of love and a labor of helping the city,” Jim told the York Daily Record.

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The Lady Linden was their pride and joy, but they decided to sell it after 13 years of living in and restoring the once-derelict building into a beautiful historic home. Both being eager nature lovers, they planned on spending their retirement driving around the United States in an RV. However, they still wanted to buy a smaller home close to Linden Avenue.

After three years of being on the market, the house was finally sold in 2019 to young musicians Laura Heydt and Lukasz Szyrner. They said they plan on keeping the Lady Linden as a Bed & Breakfast and would even organize classical music concerts inside the home.

The piece of central Pennsylvania history has new owners.

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Author Scott T. Hanson, after visiting the now-restored home, decided to feature it on the cover of his upcoming book, “Restoring Your Historic House, The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners.”

It’s sad how such a significant Queen Anne house was abandoned and forgotten for so many years, but it got its perfect end with a beautiful restoration. The house went from being a derelict to being considered a prime historical asset. The couple managed to rebuild the fabulous Lady Linden and restore it fully to its former glory.

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Lady Linden Bed and Breakfast up for sale

The 1887 Lady Linden B & B, in York, is up for sale. The labor of love from derelict to Victorian beauty is over for owners Jim and Jean Leaman. Read about it here and check out some photos: on-ydr.co/26XAk9L

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