75-Year-Old Man Kills Good Samaritan for Breaking Up Fight at Gas Station

March 20, 2018 Updated: March 20, 2018

A 22-year-old man was shot after he broke up a fight between a man and a woman at a gas station in Houston, Texas.

The 75-year-old gunman turned himself in to police shortly after the crime. Frank Moaning was arguing with a woman the evening of March 20 when Tamaurick Hickmon stepped between them, according to a pair of reports from ABC 13. The Houston Chronicle reported that Moaning was assaulting the woman.

The woman ran away and Moaning fled in a car. Moaning quickly returned to the gas station with a shotgun, and shot Hickmon in the back as he tried to run, according to ABC 13.

Hickmon collapsed behind the gas station. He died from his injuries at the hospital. Moaning returned to the gas station again, this time turning himself in to patrol officers. He was interviewed by detectives and charged with murder, ABC 13 reported.

Hickmon usually hangs out at the gas station, and was sitting in front of the gas station’s store at the time Moaning returned with a shotgun, ABC 13 reported. Police are seeking the woman, but are unable to locate her. The relationship between the parties involved is still unknown, Houston Chronicle reported.


A friend of Hickmon posted his reactions to the tragedy on social media.

“My [expletive] Died For Trying To Help Someone Else, An He The One Needing The Help. It’s A Place In Heaven Waiting For You Brother I Love Yu. R.I.P TEE,” wrote Albert Carrington on his Facebook page.

“Prayers to you and your entire family and GREAT friends. He must of had a Huge loving heart to Help out a strange lady from domestic violence. May he RIP,” commented Sandra Aguilar-Rojas, on one of Carrington’s Facebook posts.

Some other comments on Carrington’s post refer to Hickmon as “Tee” and express disbelief and shock at the murder.

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