70 Musicians Gather to Pay Last Farewell to Beloved Australian Conductor Richard Gill

April 25, 2019 Updated: April 30, 2019

His love of music was infectious, and this conductor-musician touched the hearts of many  worldwide.

World-renowned conductor, teacher, and music educator, Australian Richard Gill died on Oct. 28, 2018, aged 76. He was able to listen to a tribute the day before, as more than 70 musicians gathered outside his home to play one of his favorite pieces, “The Dam Busters March.”

“This was the perfect way of saying thank you, goodbye and a great tribute to somebody who has made so much of a difference, to not only the lives of musicians, but to everybody who really listens to music,” said Gill’s good friend and organizer of the farewell, Paul Goodchild.

“I expected maybe 15, 20 people to turn up and we had over 70 there, and even the police band turned up as well,” he told SMH.

This is Richard Gill conducting Strathfield Symphony sometime in the 70s. Richard conducted the first year of the…

Strathfield Symphony Orchestra 发布于 2018年10月27日周六

“The whole thing was one of the most profound things I think I have ever done … all his family was there, all his friends, all his neighbors. People came from all over Sydney,” added Goodchild.

Gill lived for music and dedicated his life to sharing that love with others. He was the greatest advocate for bringing musical education to all children.

The very last work that Richard Gill ‘unwrapped’ with the APO before he fell ill was Dvořák’s Symphony No.8. Tonight, in…

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra 发布于 2018年10月31日周三

Gill received many awards during his outstanding career; the last one in 2018 was the Arts Leadership Award. Sadly, he was unable to accept it in person, as he was suffering from advanced cancer.

Among his awards were two Honorary Doctorates and an Order of Australia for distinguished service to the performing arts as a conductor, artistic director and advisor, and a great musical developer and mentor of aspiring musicians.

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“He is just one of a kind,” said Goodchild. “Every person he met, he always remembered their name, even people he taught at school 40 years ago.”

“We have lost somebody who is the most amazing advocate for music being taught in every classroom.”

“But he has left a legacy and there are other people who will continue his work.”

Mr. Gill is sure to never be forgotten.

Watch the performance below:

Richard Gill We love you! Dambusters March Flash Mob Tribute 27 Oct 2018

Richard Gill We love you! Dambusters March Flash Mob Yesterday 27 Oct 2018

Jane Rutter French Flute 发布于 2018年10月27日周六