7-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Lives Modeling Dream

February 1, 2019 Updated: February 1, 2019

Life for the parents of children with disabilities certainly isn’t always easy.

For the parents of 7-year-old Grace Isabella Wharton, of Cheshire, that’s clearly still the case. Despite her challenges, though, Grace has already become an inspiration for young girls of all shapes, sizes, and abilities everywhere—because she’s already a successful model!

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Cheryl Wharton 发布于 2017年6月23日周五

Wharton’s parents found out their daughter had Down syndrome, a condition that affects both physical and cognitive development from birth on, while she was still in utero.

It wasn’t an easy discovery. ‘There’s such a lot of negativity surrounding Down syndrome,” explained her mother, Cheryl. “I cried for 24 hours.”

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Determined to do everything they could to help their daughter live a vibrant, happy life, though, Grace’s parents took her to a modeling photo shoot for children with disabilities one day.

Immediately, they knew that Grace had found her calling.

Bursting with pride☺️This little lady has had her first booking since being with Zebedee management. A Christmas photoshoot for Disney! 💝We are very excited!😝 eek!

Cheryl Wharton 发布于 2017年8月25日周五

“Grace absolutely loves being in front of the camera,” her mother said. “Everyone has always said she’s really cute and she loves posing, she loves showing off her catwalk modelling.”

Her first shoot went so well that she immediately started getting calls to do more work.

“Grace was…signed up within a very short space of time. Disney showed interest in her and she’s done work with them, CBeebies and the BBC since.  She’s been really busy,” Cheryl told The Daily Mail.

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The young girl is represented by Zebedee Management, a company that represents over 300 models with disabilities as the world of advertising opens up to include more people of varying ability levels and situations. More companies have begun to include proper representation for groups that had once been left out of ad campaigns, including the Down syndrome community.

With her vibrant smile and confident personality, though, Grace is a perfect trailblazer to pave the way for others to realize they can do anything they dream of, as well.

She may still have some trouble with speech, due to low muscle tone making it hard to properly form the sounds to make words. But if there’s anything Grace does well, it’s spread a message of positivity!