6-Year-Old Girl With Impressive Knife Skills Has a Heartbreaking Story

June 25, 2019 Updated: June 26, 2019

A young girl has risen to the challenge of helping to care of her family, all while maintaining the sweetness and innocence that only a child can have.

Despite illness, financial hardship and being abandoned by her mother, a 6-year-old girl has taken up daily chores for her family, and in the process, became highly skilled with a blade, according to a video shared on Chinese social media by Pencil Videos on June 24. Her works of art through food preparation have made her a sensation on Chinese social media.

Girl knife skill
Liu Limei, with a leafy stalked vegetable on the left, and the chain she cut it into on the right. (User: Pencil Videos/Weibo.com)

Liu Limei comes from Leiyang City in Hunan Province. In taking up cooking responsibility for her family, she has become masterful with a cleaver, and makes works of art that have been shared on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. She has gained over 200,000 followers online, according to Pencil Videos.

She makes cute and designs as she plates the fruits and veggies, some appearing like cartoons, some more life-like.

Girl knife skill
Liu displaying her works. (User: Pencil Videos/Weibo.com)

However, the cute works of edible art have a sad background.

Liu’s Family Background

Liu has a three-year-old brother. When the boy was just over a year old, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. On top of that, during the Chinese New Year in 2018, which fell on Feb. 16, her brother was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia, according to Pencil Videos.

Girl knife skill
Liu sharing one of her works. (User: Pencil Videos/Weibo.com)

Liu is also affected by Henoch-Schonlein purpura in her kidneys, a disorder that affects blood vessels.

According to the Mayo Clinic, purpura is most common in children ages two to six, and it usually improves without treatment. However, medical treatment is usually needed when kidneys are affected.

Girl knife skill
Some of Liu’s works. (User: Pencil Videos/Weibo.com)

The medical fees brought a lot of difficulties to Liu’s family, who were not well off to begin with. As a result, the mother who was working in a big city, a common phenomenon for poorer families in China, made a heartbreaking decision.

Girl knife skill
Liu fanning the fire for a portable coal stove. (User: Pencil Videos/Weibo.com)

She cut off contact with the family, leaving Liu with her father and younger brother.

To take some of the burden off of her father, Liu helps out with household chores. Now, she is responsible for looking after her brother, and preparing three meals a day.

Girl knife skill
Liu and her younger brother. (User: Pencil Videos/Weibo.com)

So her talents with a cleaver didn’t come from just playing around, but rather out of a necessity to take care of her family.