6-Year-Old Filipino Boy Dances Pop Star Sarah Geronimo’s Tala Perfectly, Takes Internet by Storm

July 15, 2020 Updated: July 17, 2020

A young star is rising in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao after a viral video made him famous.

In a clip taken by one of his teachers, a 6-year-old dances at school, mimicking from heart every move of Filipina pop artist Sarah Geronimo’s hit “Tala” in a class gathering, surrounded by classmates and teachers.

Spectators are wowed, as the tiny performer’s every step falls into place with the beat—every hip shake illicit laughs from the audience, and every finger wag matches the music video to a tee. He’s been practicing!

Kaycee Peril Montaner, 27, is a teacher at Tubod Central Elementary, located in the coastal city of Surigao del Norte; she captured the entire performance last February and the next day decided to share it with a few friends on Facebook as a dance challenge.

What started out as a private post for friends soon turned into a viral video, racking up millions of views and hundreds of thousands of reactions within days.

“I uploaded the video to challenge my friends to do the Tala dance challenge and made them watch the video of this very talented boy,” said Montaner. “It was just a sight to see and wanted to share it to everyone, [and I] did not expect it to go viral.”

But it did go viral.

And we hope this cute video will make your day—so watch, laugh, and dance along!

Filipino Schoolboy Amazes Classmates With Awesome Dance Moves

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