6 Instant Ear Reflexology Tricks to Stop Chronic Pain in 5 Seconds With Clothespin

By Robert Jay Watson
Robert Jay Watson
Robert Jay Watson
November 29, 2019 Updated: November 29, 2019

We’ve all had the experience before. Whether it’s a sharp, sudden stab in the lower back or a dull, throbbing ache in the head, pain, when untreated, can ruin your day and your life. Since the 1990s, the go-to option for many Americans for treating chronic pain has been prescription opioids.

Thankfully, an alternative to these costly and addictive drugs is out there: reflexology. Rather than relying on prescription drugs, this science draws on thousands of years of traditional medicine to alleviate pain naturally.

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Today we’ll look at six pressure points on your ears that you can use to relieve pain quickly and effectively with a simple household object you’re sure to have around: a clothespin!

Reflexology was developed in ancient Chinese medicine and operates on the basic principle that pressure points on the hands, feet, and ears are linked to the internal systems of the body. If you apply pressure to certain points on these parts, it will bring relief to internal organs by unblocking energy that has been stopped from flowing.

1. Back and Shoulders

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If you work at a desk, with a computer, like most people do these days, you probably have posture problems resulting from being stooped over. This can lead to pain in your lower back and your shoulder.

What to do? Take your clothespin and put it on the uppermost part of your earlobe. It will help relieve the pain and clear up the knots in these areas. You don’t have to wait till the end of the day—take a few minutes at work to do this before the pain gets too bad. Prevention is better than treatment!

2. Organs

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If you’re looking for a general refresh and restart, look no further than the spot just below the top of the earlobe. This will work on all your internal systems, making sure you don’t have any blockages.

Now you have the formula for fast and safe pain relief. Look no further than your clothespin!

3. Joint Pain

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For people who do lots of exercise, especially kinds that can be difficult on your body, like running, joint pain can be a problem. Sensitive spots like knees and ankles take a lot of pounding and need relief!

But rather than loading up on painkillers or messing with ice packs or creams, simply attach the clothespin about halfway between the top of the earlobe and the middle. This should ease the pain quickly.

4. Sinus and Throat

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Many people get problems with sore throats and blocked-up sinuses, especially in spring when the pollen count is high or when the seasons are changing and your immune system is getting used to the new weather.

For this, you can put the clothespin on your lower-middle ear for a few minutes to get relief. It’s certainly a lot better than taking medicine that can leave you drowsy and dried up.

5. Stomach Pain and Indigestion

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Pain in your stomach can be debilitating (Illustration – Shutterstock | Antonio Guillem)

Suffering from indigestion and stomach pain? Further up from the bottom of the ear are the pressure points linked to the gut, including the stomach, the intestines, and the liver.

These can be found just above the earlobe, and leaving a clothespin on for five minutes is said to be very effective for helping people struggling with belly issues.

6. Headaches and Migraines

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Headaches can keep you from working and even functioning (Illustration – Shutterstock | puhhha)

To begin with headaches, one of the world’s most common and persistent pain issues, applying a clothespin to the bottom of the earlobe can be tremendously effective. This will affect many of the systems connected with tension headaches, such as the head, nose, eyes, cheeks, and jaws.

If the pressure from the clothespin is too great, then you can put pressure on the various parts of the ear by squeezing it between your thumb and index finger, even pulling or tugging at it.

Robert Jay Watson
Robert Jay Watson