4 New Exciting Technologies for Restaurants in 2015

January 21, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Technology has been advancing recently in the restaurant and service industries. Between the San Francisco Company “Momentum Machine” inventing a robot that can make hamburgers to restaurants incorporating iPad POS systems as a replacement for a cashier, restaurants are finding that technology can save employees time that can spent on other tasks.

Along with these new technologies, restaurants are now using an app that allows guests to make reservations from highly booked restaurants and even placing food orders online through Facebook. What are these technologies like and how are they fairing among restaurants testing them out?

Food Ordering on Facebook

Most restaurants are now on Facebook and are some are starting to incorporate food ordering capabilities from their Facebook page. With these restaurants adding this feature, you can now order a meal without even leaving your computer (or logging off Facebook). One of the online ordering integrations that can be used with Facebook is HungerRush. Restaurants love the idea of connecting with customers and giving them an easy way to place orders.

Digital orders are increasing due to this feature which is boosting restaurant sales. It’s convenient for customers to order this way and they can pay for the order online which speeds up the process. Once they arrive to get their order, payment has already been completed. With take-out and delivery business on the rise, this option is perfect for restaurants while making customers happier in the process.

Hamburger-Making Robot

A new hamburger-making robot may be replacing fast-food workers in the near future. The new invention comes from San Francisco’s “Momentum Machines”. This fully-automated contraption grinds meat, grills patties, wraps fully cooked burgers, slices tomatoes and can do anything else you may need to create a great burger. It can make 360 burgers an hour.

This is also an interesting new invention to hit restaurants because it’s a time when fast food workers are demanding raises of $15 an hour for minimum wage. Those who oppose raising the minimum wage may eventually replace workers with robots. Automation is becoming increasingly popular in the fast-food industry but most say that for now it will only add to a fast food restaurant’s efficiency rather than replace many workers. Eventually, it may replace most workers though.

iPad POS Systems 

The hospitality and retail industries are making the switch to an iPad as a replacement for their point of sale (POS) systems. It’s a mobile cash register technology used through a tablet typically seen in hospitality and retail industries to run business more efficiently.

Through Revel Systems Bluebird iPad POS works as a cash register and provides real-time reporting to track sales. Rather than hiring a back-of-house server, you can increase profitability and efficiency through this POS system which requires no contract or hidden charges. Your employees can use the tablet while working with customers to place orders and settle the bill.

But that’s not all. There are many POS systems out there, but this one does so much more. It makes managing inventory and suppliers easier. From server to chef to manager, this is one super all-in-one system that includes the POS aspect.

Booking Hard-to-Get Reservations

A great new invention benefiting customers wanting fine-dining experiences in big cities like New York City is the new Resy app. This app allows diners to reserve tables that are typically hard to get. The desirable reservations that you are most likely to get turned down for are now available through the app for a price. Using your iPhone or Android app to book it, you can reserve tables on Resy for $10-$50 depending on the restaurant, day and time. It’s the only app of its kind and it benefits restaurants by getting a portion of the profit while it benefits customers that want to guarantee a spot at the hottest restaurant in town.

Exciting new technologies are transforming the restaurant and retail industries and will only continue to grow in popularity. What new technology have you seen or experienced lately? Did you like it?