3-Day-Old Abandoned Baby Was Being Eaten Alive by Ants, Luckily Stranger Heard Her Cries

August 7, 2019 Updated: August 7, 2019

The cases of child abandonment have become far too common. It is an increasing issue in the United States and also takes place often in different parts of the world. Unwanted infants are abandoned in rubbish piles and forests, and many are even buried alive.

In 2015, a newborn was thrown away to die a horrible death in the deserted woods after being abandoned. However, the baby was eventually saved with the help of a kind stranger, but such incidents that keep on happening every now and then are indeed a big blow for us all.

According to the Daily Mail report, a 3-day-old newborn infant girl was discarded in the woods, where she was being besieged by ants in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

“The person who found the baby girl heard her crying and on investigating discovered the child lying on a pile of leaves and covered in ants,” a police spokesman said.

The man who found the infant decided to take a shortcut to work through the nearby woodlands when he heard a baby crying … what he discovered was unbearably heartbreaking. The baby, whose umbilical cord was still attached to her body, was covered in ant bites.

Thankfully she's expected to make a full recovery. Warning: The images are quite distressing.

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“It was clear that the child had been abandoned and there was no one else in sight, so they picked her up and called for an ambulance,” a police spokesman said.

Thanks to the man’s kindness, she was taken to a nearby hospital in Chelyabinsk. Doctors believe she would not have survived if the kind stranger hadn’t passed by at the right time and saved her life.

After her treatment at the hospital, the baby was stable.

Illustration – Pixabay | pattyjansen

In another instance, which occurred in August 2017, a Texas mother named Sidney Woytasczyk abandoned her newborn child outside an apartment complex in a grassy patch. As per reports by ABC, the baby was found covered in ants with the umbilical cord ripped apart, which caused the baby to have a bacterial infection.

The baby was found by a resident who heard cries outside the apartment complex in Harris County.

“She was there on the ground in the flower bed with ants,” said Albert Peterson, the resident who told Channel 2 News he discovered the newborn. “She was covered from head to toe and all in her ears … . She had a lot of strength, too. She was fighting.”

“We’re talking about a newborn child that was exposed to the outside for, like, six hours unattended, without even a blanket—so, that’s, that’s what I’m concerned about,” CPS Attorney Dan Phi Nguyen said to KHOU.

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As per the investigation that was done by the police, it revealed that the mother knew she was pregnant but was trying to hide it.

The police then arrested the young mother after discovering a trail of blood that led to her apartment. As per local reports, the newborn was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital and was kept in the ICU so that she could be treated for bacterial infection.

Child Protective Services took custody of the girl.

As per reports, the mother was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to abandoning her infant.