2015 BMW M4 Brings Race Technology to the Streets

All Details - Race Drivers comment on performance of new coupé
By Florian Godovits
Florian Godovits
Florian Godovits
June 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Six cylinders, two turbochargers in a 3.0 litre engine and 431 horsepower are the credentials of the new 2015 BMW M4 Coupé. According to BMW’S Project Engineer Florian Staiger the M4 raises the bar a notch higher for vehicles. ‘It has an incredible grip potential which is expressed in the vehicles driving dynamics’, says Staiger.

BMW DTM-Race Driver Timo Glock drove the 2o15 M4 through BMW’s ‘green hell’ on Germany’s Nürburg-ring. It was a challenge for both man and machine. Glock said about the experience while driving the M4, one can ‘build up G-forces with the car’. 550NM of maximum torque and 40 kilograms less weight race the M4 from 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds.

‘Our M-cars bring racing technology to the streets, but not only that – it is also the emotional experience that our clients crave’, says Albert Biermann, Vice Presdient Engineering BMW M Division.

That experience isn’t necessarily a cheap one though. The 2015 BMW M4 comes for 72,500 Euros – Euros, mind you. That’s 98,771 US-Dollars at current exchange rates.