20-Year-Old Mother of 2 Jumps From Moving Vehicle and Dies

July 31, 2018 Last Updated: July 31, 2018

A 20-year-old mother of two died after jumping out of a moving minivan.

Officers were dispatched after reports came in of a woman lying in the middle of the road at around 1:30 a.m. They began life-saving procedures as they awaited the arrival of paramedics. Anaheim resident Dezirae Michelle Mendoza died of her injuries after paramedics transported her to the hospital, according to a series of Twitter posts from the Brea Police Department.

“She was a happy woman. She loved her kids. She was striving to do better in her life for her kids – to do the best for them. She had goals and ambitions. She as chasing them down, so there really is no answer right now for the family on why this happened,” said the victim’s cousin, Frank Madrid, via ABC 7.

The minivan was traveling about 40 miles per hour when Mendoza jumped, according to ABC 7. Police located the driver, took him into custody, and interviewed him. They released him and did not charge him with a crime. Brea police said via Facebook video that they are continuing to piece together what happened.

Mendoza’s family said she texted a family member shortly before her death and told him or her that she did not know the driver and that she saw a bat, gloves, and tape in the van, according to ABC 7.

A woman that appears to be Mendoza’s grandmother addressed the situation in a Facebook post.

“People are putting their own opinions on line, well to the haters and those that don’t know Dezirae . She was not on drugs or prostituting or paranoid. She was going thru some difficulties with her boyfriend and she was trying to get away from him. So stop bad mouthing her,” wrote Mary Mora.

Two witnesses who were riding in the same minivan approached police who were investigating. Police said they told them Mendoza opened the door and either jumped or fell out. Police still do not know why Mendoza chose to do that, according to the video.

The relationship between Mendoza, the driver, and other passengers in the car is not clear. Authorities also do not know if drugs or alcohol were involved. They hope an autopsy will clarify things further, KTLA reported.

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