20-Year-Old Model With Cancer Wished to ‘Die Beautiful,’ Planned Her Funeral In Detail

April 7, 2019 Updated: April 12, 2019

This model looked like Snow White, beautifully adorned with her white flower band—eternally young as she lay in her open casket surrounded by her loved ones.

Lovely Racine Pregunta, from Davao City in the Philippines, was just 20 years old when she sadly passed away on April 17, 2017, after a hard battle with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, which ravaged her body. Just five days before her death, on April 12, 2017, Racine told her sister Rolyn that she wanted to die beautiful.

All she wanted was to be remembered as “Racine” and that she had no regrets. This brave young woman planned her own funeral in detail.

Posted by Racine Pregunta II on Friday, September 25, 2015

“I decided to post something on my sister’s FB account of how she planned her funeral,” Rolyn posted on her Facebook page.

“In a span of few hours, the said post went viral—touched the hearts of the readers, shared by many and with thousands of condolences in it. Purely, that was unintentional as I was just expressing my heart out with my friends beside me.”

ako yung taong kahit nasasaktan SMILE parin 🙂 MEHEEE – ;3

Posted by Racine Ouano Pregunta on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Racine carefully planned her whole funeral. The colors she longed to have surrounding her were violet, blue, and mint green.

The family made arrangements for all the flowers to be in those translucent colors. Her last wishes were granted by her family who supported her throughout her illness.

Posted by Racine Pregunta II on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Racine worked as a model and knew many people in the trade. She requested for her personal makeup artist to do her face, which was done immaculately, with a soft smile on her lips.

In a white satin off-the-shoulder dress, Racine looked at peace. She also requested that she be buried near her father.

The family made special arrangements to accommodate that request.

Posted by Racine Pregunta II on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

“Today, request fulfilled and all I see is you, smiling,” her sister posted on Facebook.

“On the way, friends and family gathered and bid their last farewell to Racine who now sleeps beautifully forever. You will always remain in our hearts.”