17-Year-Old Woman Sentenced After Baby Was Starved to Death

January 29, 2018 Updated: January 29, 2018

A 17-year-old mother who let her baby son starve to death in Russia so that she could hang out with friends was only sentenced to six and a half years.

Viktoria Kuznetsova of Rostov in western Russia, was arrested and charged with “murder of a minor or another person known to be in a helpless condition, committed with particular cruelty” after she locked her 9-month-old son, Egor, alone with the intention of not returning for an extended period of time, according to a statement by a Russian investigation department.

She returned once to her house to give her dog some water.

The teenage mother sat emotionless in court as her sentence was read out, according to MailOnline.

The judge said Egor’s cause of death was dehydration and starvation.

Epoch Times Photo
Rostov, Russia. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

“When the baby was found Inside Viktoria’s house he was already dead, though his eyes were still wide open from terror.

“According to investigators, the baby was literally skin and bones.

“An autopsy showed the baby’s internal organs shut down one after another because of lack of food and water,” according to the judge, reported MailOnline.

Investigators found the little boy on Sept. 13 last year, after neighbors called police when they hadn’t seen the young mother and the child for a while.

According to investigators, Kuznetsova left the young boy in the house after her husband was called up for military service. She spent a week partying and staying in college dorms.

At the time, the 17-year-old told police that she was burdened by Egor’s upbringing. She had placed her son in an orphanage when he was a month old, but the baby was returned to her six months later.

There has been a public outcry from social media users for the leniency of her sentencing.

Her husband is reportedly seeking a divorce, reported MailOnline.

Rostov is a town in the Yaroslavl region some 120 miles northeast of Moscow.

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