16-Year-Old Girl Hit in Face With Hammer at Chicago McDonalds

June 27, 2018 Last Updated: June 28, 2018

An altercation at a Chicago McDonald’s restaurant involving an irate woman with a hammer and a teenage girl has resulted in a head injury and an arrest, WGNTV reported.

High school junior Jasmine Ware was heading to a McDonald’s restaurant with her friends on Monday, when they encountered two women arguing near the register.

“The lady was already arguing loud with somebody else. The other lady wasn’t saying anything back to her,” Ware said.

When Ware was asked to place her order, 36-year-old Hannah Walker immediately responded: “I’m next!”

To which Ware and her friends replied, “Um, how are you going to be next?”

Ware’s response angered 36-year-old Walker, who then began acting violently.

“Stuff started escalating. She started getting loud, and, bumping us,” Ware said.

“Next thing I know, I see her go in her purse and pull out a hammer.”

Ware then said she slipped on the floor and fell toward Walker, who raised the hammer and struck at Ware’s forehead, just above her right eye.

High school junior Jasmine Ware, was struck on the forehead by a woman with a hammer at a Chicago McDonald’s restaurant. (Screenshot via WGNTV).

Ware fell to the ground before her friends started yelling “She’s bleeding! She’s bleeding!”

McDonald’s staff immediately gave Ware ice and called 911; Officers arrived and arrested the 36-year-old, charging her with battery.

“I’m just lucky—it could have been my eye,’’ Ware told Chicago Tribune.

Ware was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, where she got three stitches and spent the night.

“Hopefully she just gets help.” Ware told WGNTV.


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