15-Year-Old Builds Infinity Table for Project, It’s Become an Instant Hit Among DIYers

August 14, 2019 Updated: August 17, 2019

We’ve all seen and marveled at an infinity pool, with the incredible impression that we could just keep swimming and swimming all the way to the horizon. But have you thought about what an infinity coffee table might be like?

If your mind isn’t blown yet, it will be once you see what Jack Stallbaumer, who was only 15 years old when he built it, managed to create from simple materials in his high school woodshop class.

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It all started when Stallbaumer needed to come up with a project for his Woods 1 class. He only had a few months to make it from scratch. Rather than just opting for a traditional piece of furniture, he wanted to make something with a “wow” factor.

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So he set to work making the two main components of the table, a frame for the top and the piece that would hold the two-way mirror, the secret to the infinity effect that he was going for.

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After this, he needed to build the legs and the rest of the frame. The top part of the frame had rails that he needed to be able to hold the mirror and make space for the electrical wiring that would help make this table the greatest wood shop project his school had ever seen.

Finally, it was all starting to come together. As Stallbaumer described it on Imgur, “[I] had a couple buddies hold it up so [I] could see what it looked like. At this point in the process I was about three weeks away from my due date. It took me from the beginning of January to the beginning of April to get to this point.”

By now, he had most of the structure in place but needed to add the fancy stuff.

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On his shop teacher’s recommendation, he added a stain to the wood. As he wrote on Imgur, “really liked the natural color it gave and how it brought out the grain.” The table was starting to look really nice, but thus far it wasn’t so different from any table with a glass top.

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That was until Stallbaumer added the wiring. To get the effect that he wanted, he didn’t use anything particularly fancy. “I drilled a hole through the inside frame to get the lights in and out. The hole in the leg goes all the way through, and is so the power cord can have a place to run without it just dangling out of the table.”

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Finally, he was ready to put the bottom mirror inside. He had originally hoped to use some adhesive strips to keep the lights and cords taped to the sides of the frame, but eventually had to use hot glue to keep them really secure.

Then it was time to put the top frame on to cover the two-way mirror. When he lit it up, the effect was absolutely stunning! His biggest problem was probably keeping his friends from smacking their heads on the glass as they tried to find the end of the light tunnel.

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When asked if he wanted to get into the design business with such a cool concept, Stallbaumer insisted it was a passion project. As he wrote on Imgur, “I’m not really looking to sell this table, I worked incredibly hard on it, and it’s the first project that I made, so it has a large sentimental value to me.”

A pretty amazing project for such a young guy, and one that was sure to have impressed friends and family as much as it did people all over the internet.

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