13-Year-Old Girl Injured in Washington State After Plastic Bottle Explodes in Her Hands

July 30, 2018 Last Updated: July 30, 2018

A teenage girl who picked up a plastic bottle was rushed to the hospital after the bottle exploded in her hands.

The incident took place on Saturday evening in Vancouver, Washington.

Police officers told KPTV that the 13-year-old girl spotted someone from a passing vehicle throwing the bottle out of the vehicle.

The girl, who lives in Longview and was visiting Vancouver for the day, went to collect the bottle on East 26th Street to throw it away but when she went to pick it up it exploded, leaving her with deep cuts on her hands and arms.

“It was clear stuff that was inside and white smoke, that was what she was able to see before it exploded,” said the teen’s mother, Ashli Fortner.

“I saw her pick up a bottle and heard like a firecracker, and that’s when she started panicking. I saw a lot of blood dripping and I saw the plastic in her hands, it was bad,” added Gloria Rubio, who lives nearby.

Fortner posted pictures on Facebook that show her daughter holding her hands out gingerly, with deep cuts, and wearing a dress that has been soaked with blood from her wounds.

“It’s terrifying. Anything that can happen and a bottle exploding with your child is terrifying,” she told KGW.

Officials are asking members of the public for help finding the perpetrators, who were reportedly driving a green SUV. Anyone with information should call the authorities.

Fortner told KATU her daughter was walking a dog when she saw the bottle thrown out and went to pick it up.

“She said that she didn’t know what was happening and she’s mad that they littered. And she went to pick it up and it exploded. She said it was so loud she couldn’t hear for a second and that she was really scared,” said Fortner.

The teenager, who has not been named, received stitches and was expected to make a full recovery.

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