13-Year-Old Catches 67lb Monster Blue Catfish, Breaking State Record for Junior Anglers

March 22, 2019 Updated: March 27, 2019

Records are made to be broken, and this young angler has pushed himself to capture a state record.

When Brayden Rogers, 13, from Cisco, Texas, went fishing with his grandfather, Steve Billings, and brother on Lake Tawakoni, he didn’t expect to come back with a monster catch.

The trio went out on the lake with guide Noel Ibarra, from the Lake Tawakoni Guide Service, on a fishing trip for the day, and came back with a 67.1-pound (approx. 30.4-kilogram) blue catfish. Not something to be sneezed at, he has broken the record for junior anglers. This was previously held by Lane Ferguson for a 66.2-pound (approx. 30.02-kilogram) blue catfish that was caught at Lake Worth in 2011.

What an amazing day on Lake Tawakoni yesterday. It was so exciting just watching this young man Brayden hold this huge…

Michael and Teri Littlejohn's, Lake Tawakoni Guide Service 发布于 2019年3月17日周日

The Lake Guide Service took to social media to express their amazement and wrote, “What an amazing day on Lake Tawakoni yesterday.”

“It was so exciting just watching this young man Brayden hold this huge fish that is the New Pending Lake and State Blue Catfish Record JR,” the post further read.

Rogers used a cut shad for the bait. “The rod tip bent all the way to the water and the kid just started reeling,” Teri Littlejohn told FTW Outdoors.

After a 10-minute battle, Rogers landed the fish and kept it alive in the boat’s tank.

Michael and Teri Littlejohn's, Lake Tawakoni Guide Service 发布于 2019年3月17日周日

As per a report from USA Today, the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife inspected the catch by keeping it alive and weighed it to validate the new junior angler record.

Further, Rogers donated the catch to Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, and it went on display in a large tank for the public to view.

New Pending State and Lake Tawakoni Junior BlueCat Record! Fish was certified at Trot Line Bait and Tackle 😊 67.1 13 yr old Brayden Rogers of Cisco TX- caught with Guide Noel Ibarra of Tawakoni Guide Service“Positive comments please for this Kiddo”

Michael and Teri Littlejohn's, Lake Tawakoni Guide Service 发布于 2019年3月16日周六

In another incident, which occurred only a couple of weeks ago, an angler named Kevin Moore caught the fish of his dreams when he hooked a monster.

Moore was on a fishing trip to Montgomery County, North Carolina, and using shad as bait, he snared the monster catfish, weighing an estimated 80 to 100 pounds (approx. 36 to 45 kilograms), according to WFMY News 2.

Moore took happy snaps with his prize catch and then released the monster back to where it came from.

Look what Kevin Moore caught this morning…….wow!!!!!!!!

Karen Moore Saunders 发布于 2019年2月5日周二

Then we have the Massachusetts toddler who takes the cake. Not long out of his nappies, a 3-year-old, Zach, used his Spider-Man fishing rod to hook a very impressive Rainbow trout.

Zach was on a fishing expedition with his dad at the Jamaica Pond in Boston. The tiny trawler used the “thumb button” mechanism on his child-sized (yet clearly very effective) spin cast-reel fishing rod and achieved amazing results.

Zach, age 3, caught one of the large rainbow trout we recently stocked in Jamaica Pond with Governor Charlie Baker on his Spiderman® fishing rod. Nice catch, Zach! mass.gov/trout 📷: Phil Kidd

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife 发布于 2018年5月16日周三

Zach’s red-and-blue rod may well receive superhero status, and other dads with their aspiring young anglers will be keen to give it a go. His trendy gumboots add to the hero image, for sure. It’s one fishing trip the toddler is sure to remember, and perhaps Zach’s family and friends will hear that fishing yarn over and over in the years to come.


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