9 Signs Your Body Is Not Liking the Food You’re Eating

By Jason Christoff
Jason Christoff
Jason Christoff
June 25, 2016 Updated: July 3, 2016

 By Jason Christoff, Healing the Body

There are many signs that the food you are putting in your body is not agreeing with you. Here are nine distinct signs to note:

1. Acne. Acne is the expulsion of toxins, using the skin, because the liver is already full and can’t process anymore poison on your behalf.

2. Weight Gain. The body gains weight from toxins more than it does from calories. The body increases fat cell production and water retention in order to dilute toxic load and to store toxins away from internal organs. Emotional stress can also trigger this effect.

3. Cellulite. Cellulite is an accumulation of toxins in fat cells, to the point where the stretched fat cell starts to show through the skin. Fat cells only become this full with a toxic based lifestyle, carried on for long periods of time, (decades in most cases).

4. Headaches. Most headaches are reflections of gut injury from toxic food, alcohol, medications, stress or food allergies. The gut and the brain are directly connected. When the gut is under extreme stress, a headache will often result.

5. Acid Reflux or Heart Burn. When someone sticks non food items into their stomach, the stomach often doesn’t want to digest the poison and will shut down. This can cause the Frankenfood to pile back up into the lower portion of the esophagus, (along with weakened stomach acid) causing heart burn.

6. Diarrhea. When the body is poisoned, its’ favorite defense is diarrhea, which helps get the poison moving faster out of the body.

7. Constipation. When the food is toxic, the body initiates a defense system that includes shutting down the digestion of the poison. This can cause the food to fester in one place inside the digestive tract, which can eventually trigger diarrhea.

This is often why people who eat poorly experience long bouts of constipation, broken up by shorter bouts of diarrhea.

8. Fatigue. The body can’t extract energy out of poison (because poison can’t provide energy), so someone who eats poorly is often really tired.

9. Addictions. People who are tired often enjoy the fake energy of coffee, cigarettes, sugar, narcotics, alcohol etc etc. This cycle of course can only spiral downward, as any fake energy addiction will only reduce real energy further in the body.