10-Year-Old Awarded PhD-Level Fellowship

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
July 1, 2016 Updated: July 1, 2016

The sky’s the limit for 10-year-old Eva, who recently applied to the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship last month, in hopes of building Thymio robots.

“The streets of Paris are sad. I want to build a robot that will make them happy again,” she wrote in the application letter.  “I’ve already starting learning how to code on Thymio robots, but I have trouble making it work. I want to join the program so the mentors can help me.”

Kat Borlongan, one of the founders of Five by Five, the organization hosting the technology fellowship, took to her Facebook page to answer Eva. 

“The answer is yes,”  she wrote.

Borlongan commended Eva for having the courage to apply for the fellowship program, even if “There was nothing on the website that said the program was open to 10 year olds.”

But, as the letter also mentioned, “[A]s you must have noticed–nothing that said that it was not.” 

Once involved in the program, Eva will be surrounded by urban designers, data scientists, and hardware specialists.

“It is my hope that your work on robotics will encourage more young girls all over the world–not just to code, but to be as brave as you, in asking for help and actively looking for different ways to learn and grow,” Borlongan wrote.

Not only did Eva get accepted to the fellowship program, but she will work alongside the President of Thymio.  

Thymio, the robotics company whose technology Eva is trying to use, will also be providing her with their latest robot.

“Welcome aboard our spaceship, Eva. We’re very much looking forward to meeting you in person,” Borlongan ended the letter, which has accumulated more than 43,000 shares on Facebook.

People on social media were very supportive of Eva and pleased with Borlongan’s decision. 

“Love this! Good call,” wrote a Facebook commenter.

“You inspired her and she inspired you back. If she’s into robotics at 10, there is no limit for this gifted little girl!” wrote another.

Eva will begin the two-week summer program on July 18.