10 Fun Things to Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico

BY Leah DeAngelis TIMENovember 5, 2014 PRINT

Santa Fe is a city for art lovers. They call it the “City Different” because it’s quirky and eclectic. It has a strong personality distinct from any other city. Outdoorsy people and foodies will love it too, but there is a strong emphasis on art with over 250 galleries and a ranking as the third largest art market in the US, after New York and Los Angeles. Santa Fe is the oldest city in New Mexico, the second oldest in the US and a vibrant melting pot of Native American, Hispanic and Anglo cultures. It has the highest concentration of artists of any American city its size, and it’s no wonder. The place is exploding with character and everywhere you look, there’s a beautiful vignette just waiting to be photographed or expressed through visual arts. Here are ten fun things to do while you’re there.

La Posada de Santa Fe Hotel

If you want to feel like you are staying in an art gallery, La Posada is your hotel. With over 600 pieces of art on display and available for purchase, you are surrounded by works from all genres. It’s in a convenient location, just a couple of blocks from the Plaza and offers a complimentary shuttle service for when you want to venture out a little farther. It’s an especially good choice for those who don’t want to rent a car.

La Posada is also a great hotel for getting support while you’re adjusting to the altitude. Santa Fe has a 7000 ft. elevation and sometimes it can take a little while to adapt for those coming from sea level. The spa offers an Altitude Adjustment massage as well as a quick oxygen treatment to help with acclimation. For a more decadent treat at the spa, try the Chocolate Chili Wrap and Massage. It’s just what it sounds like—they wrap you up in a dark organic chocolate-chili mixture and let the antioxidants do their job before following up with a coco butter massage.

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