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Flushing Residents Initiate Recall of Councilman and Assemblywoman

The Epoch Times
Jul 06, 2008

Some of the people who initiated or supported the impeachment process, from left to right: Liu Guohua, Wang Jun, Zheng Nan, Tang Boqiao, John Lee Caldwell, Judy Chen, Kim Sung Gyong (Korean community), Zhang Guowei, and Wang Zhiyuan. (He Hanming/The Epoch Times)
Some of the people who initiated or supported the impeachment process, from left to right: Liu Guohua, Wang Jun, Zheng Nan, Tang Boqiao, John Lee Caldwell, Judy Chen, Kim Sung Gyong (Korean community), Zhang Guowei, and Wang Zhiyuan. (He Hanming/The Epoch Times)

On the 234th anniversary of the United States Independence Day, a group of residents from Flushing, New York, formed a committee to recall their Councilman John Liu (Queens) and Assemblywoman Ellen Young (New York) for taking the side of pro-communist thugs in the violent incidents in Flushing.

The committee is formed of representatives from various organizations and Flushing residents. At the committee establishment meeting, over 50 locals from mainland Chinese and Taiwanese communities signed their name to show their support for the recall.

The committee will organize a petition on the street, and collect evidence about how the two politicians have allegedly acted against the interests of their own country, investigate their alleged relationship to the Chinese communist regime, and lodge the recall application to the New York City and state government, and other relevant legal or governmental departments.

According to the statement of the committee, in the past seven weeks, Falun Gong practitioners and supporters have endured great pressure and grief in premeditated violent incidents, orchestrated by Beijing. Falun Gong practitioners were first defamed as disturbing Sichuan earthquake relief donation activities, then were besieged, insulted, received death threats, and were physically attacked by pro-communist mobs.

Local pro-Beijing media such as Qiaobao (Overseas Chinese paper) and SinoVison TV also deliberately confused the local Chinese communities, saying Falun Gong put up banners with "Heaven Will Eliminate China," but in reality, the banner is "Heaven Will Eliminate the Chinese Communist Party," the two have only one word different in Chinese.

Because of Falun Gong practitioners' persistence in telling the real story, people have realized Beijing's role behind the violent incident. In the past seven weeks, New York police have arrested about 12 pro-communist supporters and the first one on trial pleaded guilty on July 1 in Queens criminal court. No Falun Gong practitioners were arrested during the incident.

Unexpectedly, several days ago, after the incident had slowly quieted down, John Liu and Ellen Young held a high-profile meeting with pro-communist supporters, and this was reported in pro-communist media. Liu welcomed those who were identified and had their pictures printed in The Epoch Times as alleged attackers, to file their "complaints" with him.

Pro-communist media reported their meeting as a main story, saying those people are "victims" and their rights had been "violated."

In contrast, Falun Gong practitioners received a cold reception from the two politicians.

Since June 2, Falun Gong practitioners had formally requested to meet with Liu eight times, but their requests were ignored.

Under pressure from Falun Gong practitioners, the two politicians agreed to meet with them and other local community representatives on July 2 and July 3, respectively. But those attending the meeting thought the reaction from the two politicians was rather disappointing, and that they have betrayed the moral principles of an elected representative of the United States.

One of the committee members, Flushing resident and Chairman of China Democracy Party World Union, Wang Jun, believes the two politicians leave the local residents with no alternative. He hoped the recall action could remind them of their social responsibility.

Local Falun Gong practitioner Judy Chen, who has received death threats several times from the pro-communist mobs, said in the committee establishment meeting, "The two politicians, one drove me away, one said she knew nothing about the violent incidents, although they both originate from Taiwan, I felt they don't like Americans or Taiwanese, but rather mainland communist officials. I saw with my own eyes that they received the two people who threatened me with death. Both communist [supporters] said to me, 'I know your face, I will definitely kill you.'"

Chen's son, Lance Corporal John Lee Caldwell, could not understand why someone would incite hatred on American soil. John said that his superiors and colleagues in the U.S. Marines support him to get to the end of the incident. "I should protect my country, as well as my mom."

Chairman of China Peace, Tang Baiqiao said, "One should not assume that one's relationship won't be uncovered. When the communist regime collapses, all the records will be exposed, how could they answer to the U.S. people and the world Chinese?"

Tang also wants to ask the two politicians, "Are you loyal to the interests and values of the United States?"

Flushing resident and former university lecturer in China, Mr. Liu Guohua, is one of the initiators of the committee; he believes it is society's responsibility to protect U.S. soldiers' families when they are fighting on the frontlines. "It is the responsibility of everyone in this society, not to mention our councilmember."

Mr. Kim Sung Gyong also attended the meeting as a representative of the local Korean community. He said, "We have lived in Flushing for seven years, those communist mobs beat people, abused people, especially women, but the two politicians united with those mobs. The Korean community also wants to recall them."

Chairman of the Republic of China (R.O.C., also known as Taiwan) Central Military School U.S. Alumni Association, Zhang Guowei said, "Since the voice record of Chinese Consul General Peng Keyu was published, the role of the communist regime behind the Flushing incident has been unveiled; when the regime realized the thing is going downhill, it mobilized those who benefit from it to help. Those people have no conscience, they are conscious, but their blood is black, so I support the recall."

Zheng Nan from the Chinese Liberal Democratic Party said, "Both politicians claimed they were not clear about what happened in Flushing. Now even a 7-year-old kid knows that the communist regime attacked Falun Gong while waving its red flag."

"I cannot understand, the councilman drove away the people who had been beaten and had two sons fighting for the country. We cannot let this kind of councilman represent the public interestsówe should recall him."

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