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Japan Again Finds Pesticide-Contaminated Chinese Dumplings

Epoch Times Staff
Apr 29, 2008

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Japan police said on April 28 they had discovered a high concentration of the pesticide methamidophos in another package of dumplings imported from China.

This recent discovery comes after Japan's health ministry confirmed in February that at least 10 Japanese were sickened by Chinese-made dumplings contaminated with pesticide.

Before Chinese party leader Hu Jintao's visit to Japan on May 6, this new finding reminds the Japanese public the problem has not been resolved.

According to Hong Kong's Ming Pao news report, police from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, found pesticide in one of 39 sealed packages of Chinese dumplings imported last October from the Tianyang Food Plant in China. The entire shipment of packages has been recalled from retail stores and kept by the Japanese importer.

Early test results announced by the Japanese police at the beginning of April show the skins and ingredients of the toxic dumplings that sickened a mother and daughter in Chiba Prefecture contained about 20,000 ppm of methamidophos, over 60,000 times higher than the safety threshold. The police believe the product was deliberately poisoned.

After a series of investigations, the Japanese police have concluded that the dumplings were poisoned inside China. However, their Chinese counterpart denied the possibility. Food safety will be an important topic for Hu Jintao and the Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda in their coming summit.

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