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Album Review: Ketsa - 'Thoughts'

(Soapsud City)

John Smithies
Epoch Times UK Staff
May 05, 2007

Electronica is always a difficult genre to sustain over an album. Plaid and Boards of Canada have had a good crack at it, and these are clear reference points for this new West London based artist, although Ketsa throws some extra glitch and a few ethnic samples in to mark his territory.

Second track, "Confide," stands out as the most dancefloor— and innovative—of the 12 here, combining dub, techno and moody electro to glorious effect.

Otherwise it's downtempo all the way, with spacey pads and some surprisingly organic drums chopped and diced into the mix.

At times the glitch threatens to obscure the music, as acoustic guitars are sliced to breaking point ("Replacement"), but the haunting "The Reform" thankfully injects some real promise into the album, and Ketsa as an artist.

***˝ (Three-and-a-half stars out of five)