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Album Review: Laura Veirs—Saltbreakers


John Smithies
Epoch Times UK Staff
Mar 24, 2007

We're in familiar territory from the off, as Laura Veirs' poetic lyrical gymnastics and achingly infectious hooks breeze in on album opener 'Pink Light'.

Following 2005's sparklingly lovely Year of Meteors is no easy task, but Saltbreakers is a resoundingly wonderful return from a musician who has established herself as that rare thing – a true artist.

Here Veirs' inspiration comes from oceanic imagery – in complement to Meteors ' geological theme – and it never once feels contrived or forced.

Clear standout is the epic sweep of 'To the Country', recorded in Johnny Cash's Nashville cabin, and featuring an eight-person Baptist choir.

All the songs slip their way into your subconscious like loveable but slightly annoying friends. When you find yourself waking up singing "drink deep, my love" you'll know what I mean. More of the same, then – but that's no bad thing.

****˝ (Four-and-a-half stars out of five)