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Chinese Defector Finds Temporary Refuge in Taiwan

By Yingtao Wu
Epoch Times Staff
Nov 29, 2006

Jia Jia in Thailand in November 2006 (The Epoch Times)

Prominent Chinese Defector Jia Jia has found temporary refuge in Taiwan, announced his son Jia Kuo on November 26. Kuo said his father plans for only a temporary stay there.

The revelation came as Kuo was speaking via an internet connection at the The First Annual Conference of The Chinese Liberal Culture Movement currently being held in Australia.

"Some people are very concerned about my father's situation…[so] I talked about my father's current state when I spoke," he told The Epoch Times .

Jia, former Secretary General of the Science and Technology Experts Association of Shanxi Province, People's Republic of China, walked off a tourist trip in Taiwan on October 22. After being denied asylum, he was deported to Hong Kong, where he found passage to Thailand. He had been in hiding in Thailand since November 2. His Thai entry visa expired on November 24.

Kuo expressed thanks to the Taiwanese government for allowing his father into Taiwan again. It is setting an example for other democratic countries, he said.

He also issued a call to governments of Western countries, to help his father find asylum in a third country as quickly as possible.

Other positions concurrently held by Jia prior to his defection were Dean of the National Expert Network Centre, Dean of the National Expert Unions Strategy Committee, and Chairman for the Experts' Report Group under the People's government of Shanxi Province.

Jia Jia Renounces the Young Pioneers

Jia Jia renounced the Young Pioneers, the Chinese Communist youth organization, two days ago, according to Kuo.

Jia initially had felt that he had severed himself from all organizations associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in his heart, said Kuo. But after coming into contact with volunteers from the "Quitting the CCP Service Center" while traveling, Jia decided to submit to the Center a formal declaration on the topic.

His father felt that the success of his defection thus far was divine providence, said Kuo.

The following is Jia Jia's statement to renounce the Young Pioneers:

A Solemn Declaration by Jia Jia to Renounce the Young Pioneers of the CCP

I joined the Young Pioneers associated with the Chinese Communist Party at Lhasa Road Elementary School and No. 90 Middle School in Tianjin City, when I was a child. I now solemnly declare that I withdraw from the CCP's Young Pioneers.

I hope my withdrawal from the Young Pioneers will also serve to encourage the multitudes of the CCP cadres, members of the People's Liberation Army, military police and secret agents in the police system to take the lead to "quit as a group" all organizations associated with the CCP, to break away from the control of the evil specter, hence ceasing to be an accomplice of the CCP, a tool with which the CCP commits murder, and a scapegoat of the CCP.

Because I used to be an official in a society ruled by the CCP and have had social interactions with high-ranking CCP officials at all levels, I have unintentionally acquired a lot of the evil CCP culture; I have become a part of the CCP in my mind.

Therefore, I now withdraw from the CCP, and I urge all Chinese people to withdraw from the CCP and its organizations, to get rid of the remaining party culture, to sever ourselves from the CCP, not to be hoodwinked by the CCP, not to follow any of the CCP's orders. In doing so we are alienating the Central Committee of the CCP, forcing them to give up their power and to give up evil, facilitating a return to goodness, forcing them to retreat from the historical arena. We will then move forward to achieve democracy in China!

Declared by: Jia Jia

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