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Jia Hopes to Bring Democracy to China

Mr. Jia Jia, Chinese defector, hopes to bring democracy to his beloved homeland

By Li Zhen
Epoch Times Hong Kong Staff
Nov 10, 2006

On November 3, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Thailand approved Mr. Jia Jia temporary refugee status (The Epoch Times)

Mr. Jia Jia, the Chinese official who sought political asylum in Taiwan on October 22, has obtained temporary refugee status a few days ago from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees in Thailand. Currently he is waiting for a more permanent offer from a third country.

As the former General Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts, Jia wanted to help China's democratic movement by internationally exposing his breakup with the Chinese communist regime. Now he hopes the international community can provide a stable environment for him to continue his mission to build a democratic China. The interesting point now is which western country will break through the resistance from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and openly support Jia to continue his mission.

The following is an Epoch Times journalist's interview with Mr. Jia Jia, about why he chose to break free from the communist regime.

Unusual Career Development Path

After the Culture Revolution, Jia regained his social status (he was classified as bad elements because of his father) and in 1983 he went to study at the Beijing Business College. He gradually established himself as scholar, while specializing in marketing, and economics, etc. During the early period of China's economic reform, Jia became famous by holding forums and classes for market and economic knowledge, with many people asking him to give lectures and very often his schedule was filled all the time.

In 1999, an expert association was formed in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province; Jia was elected as the first general secretary. But in less than three days, the association was taken over by the local authority since Jia Jia was not a party member and had no power or influence.

Jia said, "There was no one in the office when I first arrived. I hurried to the press office and was told that the City Party Committee and City Government had issued an official document that overruled my position of general secretary; and that they had formed a new association of experts, and transferred all experts and representatives to the new association—the Deputy Mayor, Director of the City Organization Department, the Secretary of the City Party Committee, had assumed all the top positions in the association."

"At that time, I knew that I was not safe in Changzhi city any longer. Overnight, hundreds of elites, scholars, and experts under me were all gone. I sat in the office for three days; no one bothered to knock at my door. I had been in Changzhi for more than ten years, I worked so hard for years and everything vanished over night."

Yet Jia miraculously survived the suppression, and although he had no support form party cadres. He even become a high ranking official in Shanxi province, controlling the power of examining and appraising experts.

"Although I was not a Falun Gong practitioner, if I openly supported Falun Gong, I too would face persecution."

Defending Falun Gong Reawakened His Fear

Jia said that for a while, he felt free from the general fear imposed from the CCP. "Because they were all my subordinates they were very courteous to me. The public security would never give me a hard time, because their level bureau director was also under me."

An experience of defending Falun Gong practitioners brought back Jia Jia's fear of the CCP.

Jia said, "Once when my secretary was absent, I went to the printing shop to print a document. I heard a few ladies chatting about Falun Gong and about how bold they were, and how they dared to oppose the CCP, etc. I asked them wasn't Falun Gong simply a practice of exercises for health? There wasn't a park without Falun Gong practitioners in the past. I did not notice there were also two police from Shanxi province Foreign Affairs Office, and they came up to me immediately and questioned who I was."

"One of the police made a phone call and wanted to arrest me. The manager of the printing shop who I knew well stopped him and begged, 'Please don't do that, give me some face.' Several other people in the office also held the other policeman and asked me to leave quickly."

"I couldn't sleep that whole night thinking that all my years of effort had been wiped out in a day. The next day, the printing shop manager called me and told me everything was fine, and I finally was able to breathe again."

"I was the General Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts at the time, and although I was not a Falun Gong practitioner, if I openly supported Falun Gong, I too would face persecution."

The Nine Commentaries is a Divine Book

Childhood experience had embedded a seed of opposing CCP tyranny in Jia's heart, but the real help for Jia's recognition of democracy came from listening to the shortwave broadcast of Voice of America and reading the Epoch Times Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party after breaking through the internet blockade.

Jia said that, the Nine Commentaries is a good book, a divine book. Why is it divine? Chinese are quick to forget the past, and because of the CCP's open policy, people's memory of the crimes that the CCP has committed in the past have faded...

The CCP's brutal suppression has lasted for more than 50 years, and the bitter lesson and failure to peacefully gain democracy in the Tiananmen Massacre, had an unprecedented impact on the Mainland Chinese people. What the Chinese people feel in their heart about the CCP is that the CCP is too powerful to fight with. No one is willing to be against the CCP. The Nine Commentaries has the effect that, after you read it, you will understand the evil nature of the CCP; you will renew your enragement of the CCP.

Gao Zhisheng's Inspiration

The illegal and immoral arrest of renowned human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng directly influenced Jia's defection.

Jia said that, "I did it for Gao Zhisheng. Why did I mention Gao Zhisheng? Because the U.S. government had issued a resolution for him; this is unprecedented."

"No one expected the CCP would dare to touch Gao Zhisheng, because all Chinese intellectuals are anxiously waiting for an opportunity to stand up, to stand up and support Gao Zhisheng. The CCP has behaved irrationally because without thinking about the possible outcome, they still arrested Gao Zhisheng. The CCP thought Mainland China would become silent after removing Gao, because no one would dare to speak out anymore."

"Therefore, I wanted to stand up and come out to urgently tell the CCP yet another even higher-level intellectual with fame and power is standing up again. I believe that my exposure of the CCP will resolve the people's fear caused by the CCP's arrest of Gao Zhisheng."

Designed a Website to Reserve the Evidence

We asked Jia why he did not openly promote the development of democracy while he was still in China. Jia said that, people with his position and fame in China, if they stood out alone to speak it would achieve nothing but their arrest.

Jia said that he had prepared for this day for a long time, including sending his son abroad to setup the web page for the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts. Although it has been blocked by the CCP after his defection, it is still available in Internet archives.

Jia said, "Many CCP officials were my subordinates and I have their files. I designed this web to put all their data on the web site because I was worried that overseas people might think I was not telling the truth. Also the CCP would say, 'What he said is a pack of lies, it is not possible, how can he be in charge of so many people, not possible!' I wanted to prevent all these fabrications from occurring. Now everyone can get on the website and review the data of all the high-ranking officials in Shanxi province.

The CCP is not Frightening

Jia said, "The reason for my coming out is to tell international governments that the CCP is not so big and powerful, nor is the CCP that frightening. It's the CCP's high-ranking officials and the Central party officials who all live in fear, because they are afraid of the Beijing military district.

Hu Jintao emphasizes the reorganization and redeployment of Beijing military district these days, as well as the Central Police Bureau. Hu is afraid that soldiers would be against him, because soldiers are mostly from the rural villages and most of their families don't have enough to eat so they joined the army as the last resort because anyone who can survive otherwise would not join the army."

"Of course, I defected because I have a lot to do in helping China become democratic. I want to tell people in Taiwan, the CCP has stirred up a lot of bad talk about Taiwan's democratic movements to the Mainland people. The CCP has lied and said the democracy in Taiwan was not good. Therefore, I came to Taiwan to tell Taiwanese people that they must be united, not to be fooled by the CCP. Only then, will their democratic environment last."

Quitting the CCP to Overcome "Fear"

Jia said that, "I came out to tell the many party officials and Chinese people to overcome their 'fear,' if no one is in fearful, the CCP will be finished. The best way for all party members to remove their fear is read the Nine Commentaries and to quit the CCP."

"On the first day outside of China, I suggested to the Quitting the CCP Service Center that, if one wants to use his real name to withdraw from the party, we should respect his choice, if one wants to use an alias, we should respect that choice too. We must help as many CCP officials to overcome their fear through every means possible for quitting the party."

"If you are a high-level official and quit the party, it is certain that you will lose your post, lose your salary, and lose your chance to embezzle money. The first one to quit the party will have this result, but if 10, or 100 high-rank officials quit, the CCP would be unable to remove your power, if 5,000 quit the party, I think the CCP will not dare to persecute them, if 50,000 quit the party, the CCP party central including Hu Jintao would no doubt also quit the party."

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