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Commentary: A Disgraceful Sentence

The Epoch Times
Sep 28, 2005

Zheng Yichun (The Epoch Times)
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September 22, 2005 was a day that angered many. It was the day that renowned democratic activist and columnist for The Epoch Times, Zheng Yichun, was charged with subversion of state power and sentenced to seven years of imprisonment by the Intermediate People’s Court of Yingkou city, Liaoning province. In addition to the prison sentence, the court also stripped Zheng of his political rights for three years.

The sentence was a disgraceful one. The guilt really lies not with Zheng, but with those evil officials, evil laws and the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Those so-called judges who handed down the sentence will one day repent their actions. As for the evil CCP, there will be no escape from justice.

Zheng is a renowned Chinese political columnist, free poet, and scholar whose academic works include “Essentials to Reforming China’s Political System.” At the same time, he is also a freelance journalist for overseas Chinese media and has published numerous commentaries.

Zheng’s way of thinking is profound and upright and he never stoops to flattery. He is an exceptional writer who has the courage to speak his mind. He is full of ideals and passion and has an immense heart for his country and fellow Chinese citizens. His courage, conscience, high morality and profound knowledge have won the respect of many both inside and outside of China. A person like Zheng is the backbone and hope for a nation. Zheng’s sentence is an insult to the conscience of Chinese intellectuals, to all who are upright and dare to speak their mind and even more so to the judges who sentenced him.

Can a charge always be trumped up just to condemn someone? Well, having looked over the court’s papers, they are full of slander aimed to terrorize and threaten. If an article could really “overthrow” a government, then how weak and rotten is the government? If a Chinese can be accused of “conspiring with overseas forces” for publishing articles and being rewarded for them, then all visiting Chinese officials should also be charged with treason. If a citizen can be convicted of “inciting subversion” through his own conscience, thinking, and opinion, then the government will quickly become the enemy of its people.

With regard to the reckless attacks on Zheng and the malicious slander of The Epoch Times, they reflect the CCP’s hysteria towards freedom and truth. With regard to Zheng’s sentence, it fully manifests the evilness of the CCP. From suspecting Zheng to be one of the authors who wrote the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, to sentencing him to seven years of imprisonment, to using Zheng’s casual phone conversations, made several years ago, with editors at The Epoch Times as “new evidence”; these all prove that the Nine Commentaries and its triggering of the massive wave of resignations from the CCP have clearly marked the CCP’s grave. They further expose the CCP’s hooliganism and evilness.

No matter how the CCP suppresses and persecutes its people, it will never suppress the voices of truth. To the Chinese who seek truth and freedom, the break of dawn is near. When the CCP’s crimes are revealed around the world and everyone again considers resigning from the CCP, the CCP’s disintegration and China’s bright future will not be far away.

We, once again, strongly condemn the sentence passed down by the Intermediate People’s Court of Yingkou city, Liaoning province. We also call upon the international community to help rescue Zheng and those alike who are upright and dare to speak their minds. Let us unite, call for justice, and show our utmost support for the people who are suffering in the great land of China.