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Remnants of Lost City Discovered in Argentina

The Epoch Times, Russia
Sep 26, 2005

Argentinean archaeologists spotted the remnants of one of the first Spanish cities - Esteko B'ekho, a city of some sixty thousand inhabitants which thrived in Argentina for some forty-three years.

A research expedition unearthed ruins of Esteko B'ekho, one of the first cities built by the Spanish invaders, which was abandoned in approximately 1609

"The archeological findings are of great historical importance for understanding the history of the country", stated expedition leader Alfredo Tomasini.

Tomasiniís team has discovered what he thinks is a large central church surrounded by forty individual dwellings. Tomasini believes that, as further digging turns up more relics, he will be able to assemble a picture of the daily lives and customs of the inhabitants of early city.

Argentinean archaeologists are sure that they have discovered one of the first settlings of Spanish conquistadors in this South American country. The city was situated too far from commercial trade routes, which led to its decline, Argentinean scientists postulate.

Source: Novosti Russian News and Information Agency: in English and Russian