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Miniskirts Enter Amusement Park at Half Price; China Flooded with Sexually Explicit Marketing

By Zhao Zifa
The Epoch Times
Jul 07, 2005

In recent years, pornographic elements have begun to enter China's markets. Century Amusement Park, in Zhengzhou city, allows women over age 18 wearing miniskirts shorter than 38 centimeters (14.8 inches) to enter for half price from July 1st through August 31st.

Century Amusement Park is a thrilling entertainment retreat. Tickets are expensive at 80 yuan (US$9.66) each, making one shrink at the sight of the cost. The park has a new slogan, "To be cool and refreshed summer, all girls love wearing miniskirts." Starting July 1st, two female personnel with rulers stand at the ticket windows to determine whether the length of the skirt earns a discount.

The public wonders what they hope to achieve with this plan that encourages women to expose themselves. What does the company really hope to gain?

The chief of Century Amusement Park's marketing department Huang Wen stated there was no ulterior motive behind their promotion. It is only a novel idea to attract tourists. Chinese attorney Liu Quangen believes that this type of marketing is harmful to social ethics and morality.
In recent years, China's market advertising has become flooded with pornographic elements. One domestic brand underwear company placed 16 bikini-clad models along the urban roads of Wuhan District in a blatantly bid for publicity. The scene was pure chaos, with traffic snarled as people gathered to see the event.

A shopping center in Chengdu city paraded naked women in front of an audience to promote its opening. To promote its bath and body products, a retailer and the factory hired a young female to bathe facing the street. Some bath and body companies attract men to watch a nearly naked model putting on their products as advertisement to sell their products. Some stores employ bikini models to run back and forth to attract consumers. Some hire girls to lie coyly on "love making beds." Such examples are just too numerous to list here.

Editor's Note: Such blatantly sexually-based advertising appeals are deeply offensive to traditional Chinese who value dignity and respect privacy. Such behavior is seen by many as a further erosion of the few remaining values that preserve China's 5000-year-old society under Communist rule.

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