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Massive Chinese Spy Network Penetrates Canada

By Yan Ming
Voice of America
Jul 04, 2005

TORONTO - Mr. Han Guangsheng, a former Judiciary Bureau Chief in China’s Shenyang city who now resides in Canada, revealed that there is indeed a massive Chinese spy network in Canada. According to Han, the spy network’s main objective is to intercept intelligence passing between the U.S. and Canada, for the purpose of gauging future U.S. moves.

Han is currently seeking political asylum in Canada. In an interview with the media, Han confirmed that Australian defector, Mr. Hao Fengjun, former Tianjin City Public Security official, was indeed speaking the truth when he said, “There are more than a thousand Chinese Communist spies in Canada.” Hao is currently seeking political asylum in Australia. Han stated that besides recruiting spies in Chinese communities, the Chinese officials are also dispatching spies using four other tactics:

Han said, “They [the Chinese spies] use various methods to gather overseas intelligence, publicly or semi-publicly. For example, first, it is the officials of the embassy or consulates; second, reporters are sent overseas and a part of them have special assignments; third, overseas corporations and overseas administrative organizations, among which a few are assigned to handle intelligence; fourth, business delegation groups visiting Canada. As I see it, at least 60 percent of them are not business people but rather government officials, especially those from the judicial intelligence department."

Business Executive or Securities Official?

Han arrived in Canada as a visiting business executive, which made it easy for him to attain a visa. After obtaining the visa it was then much easier for him to stay in the country and file for asylum.

He points out that the spies use a similar tactic; they come into the country and easily obtain papers under the guise of business people and executives, when they are actually members of China’s special security forces.

Han said, “For example, in November of 2002, I was at a restaurant in Chinatown. There I met a group of Chinese business executives who had come from Liaoning province and one of them worked at Liaoning province’s security bureau.”

Apart from the aim of intercepting intelligence between the U.S. and Canada, Han says that the spies are engaged in stealing Canada’s biotechnology secrets and industrial intelligence.

Ultimately though, the most important task for the spies is to obtain intelligence that will allow China to accurately assess Canada’s stance when any kind of conflict arises between China and the U.S.

Chinese Officials Accuse Han of Lying to Obtain Political Asylum

Chinese officials have completely denied Han’s claims. On Friday, July 1, the Chinese vice-consul general, Hao Guangfeng, in Toronto stated that Han made up these “lies” in order to stay in Canada.

Hao Guangfeng said, “His [Han’s] purpose is to stay in Canada. It is very obvious that these are lies. The purpose is to obtain so-called political asylum.”

In April of this year, Canada’s immigrations court denied Han’s refugee status due to his having aided in crimes against humanity. Han has already appealed to Canada’s federal court.

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