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Second Woman Starts Hunger Strike in Singapore Case

Singapore Prison Refuses to Reveal the Situation of Mdm Cheng

Zheng Qing and Li Qun
The Epoch Times
Apr 30, 2005

Defense Counsel Alfred Dodwell (right) and two Falun Gong practitioners Mdm Ng and Mdm Cheng. (ClearWisdom.net)
Defense Counsel Alfred Dodwell (right) and two Falun Gong practitioners Mdm Ng and Mdm Cheng. (ClearWisdom.net)

Mdm Ng Chye Huay's husband, who just came back from visiting his wife in prison, says his 41 year old Singaporean wife has also started a hunger strike.

Mdm Ng Chye Huay was handed a $20,000 (12,000 US$) fine by the Subordinate Court on April 27, 2005 for charges related to "Assembly without permit" and seven other charges. [She was charged because she handed out flyers at Esplanade Park, Singapore exposing the persecution of Falun Gong.]

Ng refused to accept the verdict and insisted that she was innocent. After filing for an appeal, she was sent to Singapore's Changi Women Prison after 6:00p.m. on the same day.

Ng Chye Huay
Ng Chye Huay

Mdm Cheng Lujin, the other female Falun Gong practitioner upon whom an unjust verdict was placed by the Singapore authorities, has been on a hunger strike since she was imprisoned on the afternoon of April 27, 2005.

A person concerned about the situation called the Singapore Changi Women's Prison to inquire about the situation of Mdm Cheng Lujin who is also on a hunger strike. The person in charge of the prison said that according to regulations, they could not reveal the situation of Mdm Cheng in prison, but that they would provide necessary medical treatment. If anything did happen, the person said, they would inform her closest relative.

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