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One Million and Counting

Remarks for the April 23 Rally in New York

By D.J. McGuire
Apr 27, 2005

Chinese soldiers "voluntarily" swear to be loyal to the CCP in Shanghai April 5. Scenes like these are being repeated nationwide in attempts to forestall the mass resignations already underway.(Liu Jin/AFP/Getty Images)

The number of resignations from the Chinese Communist Party hit another milestone this week: one million. In less than six months, the Party lost as many people as had gathered in Tiananmen Square during the spring of 1989. More significantly, those who have left the party have come from all walks of life, all rungs on the Party hierarchy (save the Zhongnanhai elite), and from all regions (even the occupied nations of the west). At one million strong, the former Communists are the largest political group in China behind the Communist Party itself.

The Communist reaction has been as one would expect: mass arrests, prison terms, endless propaganda, and cadre-sanctioned riots against foreign "enemies". However, this time, the political landscape is different. Now, those fighting for freedom in China have the ultimate weapon a comprehensive, detailed account of the horrible truth of the Communist Party. They have the Nine Commentaries.

For years, Communist regimes, armed with tanks, guns, and bombs, have fallen victim to the pen. In Europe, the Communists crushed Imre Nagy and Alexander Dubcek, but they couldn't fight Doctor Zhivago, The Gulag Archipelago, and Vaclav Havel's Letter to Gustav Husak. Now, Chinese Communism has a similar enemy in the Nine Commentaries. The Commentaries are a searing indictment of the Chinese Communist Party, listing and explaining each act of theft, murder, war, and other brutalities that the Party used to gain and keep power at all cost.

We see this again today, especially in the attempted diversion that was the string of riots against the Japanese Embassy. Whenever the Communists have found a threat to their power, they have sought foreign enemies to distract the people. Ever since the Tiananmen Square massacre, the CCP has seized upon radical nationalism as its modern bread-and-circuses. Sadly, the Communists have used more than words in its battle for survival; it has reached out to anti-American regimes all over the world. From Syria to the Sudan, from Stalinist North Korea to Saddam Hussein, from Iran to al Qaeda, from Fidel Castro to Robert Mugabe, and from the Taliban to its Burmese military, Communist China has aided these regimes and forces not despite their hatred of the West, but because of it.

Many would ask, what does Communist China's foreign policy damning as it is have to do with the million resignations or the Nine Commentaries? They are linked for these reasons. First, without radical nationalism, the CCP has no justification for its rule. Second, the Party sees in the democratic nations the seeds of its own destruction. As nation after nation moves from tyranny to freedom, even in the Middle East and Central Asia, the Communist insistence that democracy would never work becomes more laughable. The fact that the one piece of pre-Communist China beyond their control namely, Taiwan has built a democratic system literally from scratch further exposed the Communist lies. Finally, the CCP is aware that the Soviet Union collapsed only after the United States made the liberation of Eastern Europe a priority. The Communists are not willing to wait until the American people demand the same fate for China. For these reasons, Communist China has been fighting a cold war against the U.S. for almost sixteen years. Like Cold War I, Cold War II is a battle between tyranny and freedom.

Thus, the Chinese people's struggle for freedom is also America's struggle against the sponsors of terrorism and their Communist Chinese benefactors. Their fight is our fight.

With this in mind, it is time America's elected leaders recognize that Cold War II is upon them and take steps to ensure that freedom wins. Seventeen years ago Huang Xiaomin was a silver medalist in the 1998 Seoul Olympic Games. She was a Communist icon and hero. This past December, she joined the ranks of the "ex-Communist Party". For this, her family has been harassed and threatened, and she can never return to her homeland. As coach of South Korea's national swim team, she will be barred from the 2008 Olympic Games. To allow the Communists to twist the Olympic spirit for its cursed objectives is unconscionable. The United States should make clear it will not allow any of its athletes to participate in such a shameful charade, and boycott the Olympics if they are not moved out of Communist China.

We also know, from reports earlier this year, that Communist China intends to invade and conquer Taiwan sometime in the next seven years, and will use the invasion as an excuse to seize personal bank accounts and conduct a massive crackdown reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution. America should make clear that the island democracy will be protected from any Communist attack.

Finally, the U.S. must implement policies to isolate the CCP economically, contain it diplomatically with the help of our Asian allies such as India and Japan, and work with the Chinese people to undermine the regime within China. Only when the Chinese people are free will the American people be secure, and peace be more than a fantasy.

The CCP would have us believe the Chinese and American people are in a struggle to the death, and the Party is right, but in the way it wants to be. The Chinese and American peoples are in such a struggle, but they are on the same side, against the Chinese Communist Party. The Nine Commentaries establish these truths, and the million resignations are proof that those truths are being heard.

The end of the CCP may or may not be a hand, but it is certainly in sight. With the American and Chinese peoples working together, the world can indeed say goodbye to the Chinese Communist Party. Thank you, God Bless you, and God Bless the American and Chinese peoples.

D.J. McGuire is President of the China e-Lobby, an anti-Communist group he co-founded in 2000. He is also the author of Dragon in the Dark: How and Why Communist China Helps Our Enemies in the War on Terror.

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