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Resignations from Chinese Communist Party Top 200,000

The Epoch Times
Mar 14, 2005

As of March 10, the number of people who have submitted their resignations to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese Youth League (CYL) exceeded 200,000.

These resignations are recorded on a website established by The Epoch Times for this purpose ( They represent the solemn declarations by Chinese who wish to dissociate themselves from the CCP.

The number of resignations is growing exponentially. In December the number of resignations was a few hundred daily. Recently, the number of resignations has climbed to around 15,000 daily.

These mass resignations from the CCP are entirely unprecedented. The resignations are a response to the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (available in English translation at:

An announcement posted yesterday is typical in its gratitude for the Nine Commentaries:

After reading the Nine Commentaries, I felt I had just awakened from a dream and really related to what it says. I have experienced a lot what is written in the Nine Commentaries…

I would like to announce this resignation from the CCP for my late father as some sort of comfort for his spirit. And I would like to thank The Epoch Times in allowing us to say the words that are in our hearts…

- Wang Wende (my late father) from Henan, China

Another announcement posted yesterday reveals something of the common view of the CCP in China today:

Nowadays, everywhere you go, you hear complaints about the CCP. A villager’s crops were all sold by local government officials, yet they did not repay him at all. Even though you file a lawsuit, there is intimidation and revenge by this underground mafia…in this Socialist country, all CCP officials are protecting each other and ordinary people just do not have rights…I would like to quit the CYL and all those vows I made are invalid…

- Ding Cuifen, from Shandong, China

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