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China’s Forced Labor Camps Sexually Abuse Falun Gong Practitioners

By Wen Hua
The Epoch Times
Oct 21, 2005

A family photo taken before Mr. Qu Hui was persecuted (Minghui.net)

Recently, overseas media have exposed many officials involved in sexual abuse cases against Falun Gong practitioners in detention centers and forced labor camps in mainland China.

Photos showing festering burns on a female practitioner’s breast, made by shocks from electric batons, have aroused attention internationally. Some scholars commented that the reason why such terrible things could happen in China is because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s gangster-style party culture has destroyed their humanity and devastated the most basic respect towards human beings.

According to reports from Minghui.net, in the beginning of 2003, police electrically shocked Wang Yunjie, a Falun Gong practitioner from Liaoning province, on her breast using an electric baton with a several thousand volt charge. The police shocked her for several hours and caused her entire breast to fester.

Guards in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp bound three practitioners: Ms. Fu Shuying, 60 years old, Ms. Cheng Hui, 27 years old, and Sun Yan, 30, spread-eagled on tables. Then the guards and a so-called “reform educator” inserted broomsticks into their vaginas and twisted forcefully. The women bled severely and suffered excruciating pain. All of them suffer ongoing abdominal pain as a result.

Also at Dalian Labor Camp, guards have been known to bind three toothbrushes together, bristles out, which they insert into female practitioners and twist violently to cause internal abrasions. Afterwards, prison staff pour the juice of chili peppers or press chili peppers directly onto ravaged flesh of the women’s vaginas. The pain is so extreme the women often faint. [Editor’s Note: Graphic Image]

Police at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp electrically shocked Wang Yunjie’s breast, causing enormous tissue damage and subsequent infection. (Minghui.net Photo)
High-resolution image (640 x 480 px, 72 dpi)

Sexual abuse against male Falun Gong practitioner is no less horrifying. In 2001, according to a Minghui.net report published January 2005, police from the Dalian City Forced Labor Camp brutally beat and electrically shocked Mr. Qu Hui’s penis for a prolonged period of time. The torture resulted in a fractured neck vertebrae and a festered penis. Qu has been paralyzed since his abuse four years ago.

Luo Gan and Zhou Yongkang, who govern the Political and Legal Public Security System, have given many awards to the Masanjia and Dalian Forced Labor Camps for their “successful experience (in transforming Falun Gong practitioners)” and popularized these camps and their horrific methods all over the country. In an effort to maintain their “top rating,” guards at the Masanjia camp began stripping all the clothing off of female practitioners and throwing them into cells full of male prisoners. There are at least three verified instances of this being done.

In the capital city, Beijing, the police publicly beat and raped a female practitioner who was posting Falun Gong flyers. In the city of Chongqing in southwestern China, a police official raped Wei Xingyan, a female graduate student from Chongqing University, in his office with several other police around. After the incident, the Chongqing Municipal Court even sentenced and imprisoned seven Falun Gong practitioners who exposed the police’s evil conduct for “leaking state secrets and severely damaging the image of Chongqing City.” The policeman who raped Ms. Wei, however, is still at large.

International human rights organizations commented that the torture methods used in China’s forced labor camps are far crueler than those used in the fascist concentration camps, far less humane, and the extent of brutality is beyond normal people’s imagination.

Since the CCP seized power, from Zhang Zhixin to Lin Zhao to tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners in China’s forced labor camp, the CCP has trampled the most basic dignity of mothers, wives, and sisters. The CCP has deliberately sunk itself beneath the deepest depths of human immorality.

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