Indie Band That Defended Stanford Sex Offender Loses Music Gigs

(Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office)
(Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office)

The fallout of the 6-month jail sentence of sex offender Brock Turner continues to spill out into the lives of those close to him.  The former...

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    What Would Happen to Earth If Humans Disappeared? Video Shows Horrifying Doomsday Events That Would Unfold

    What would happen if humans went extinct? Earth would look to “reset” itself–and the process would be utterly terrifying, according to a new video from... Read more

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    Guy Puts on a Panda Suit in Order to Sell His House in New Viral Video

    Selling a house can be pretty difficult sometimes. That’s why one guy put on a panda suit in order to sell his home. He made... Read more

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    Watch: Hydraulic Press Crushes Can of Silly String

    2016 is still the year of the hydraulic press. PressTube, hydraulic press operator with a significant following on YouTube, pressed a can of silly string... Read more

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    The Time Robin Williams Met With Koko the Gorilla

    Years before his death, comedian Robin Williams met with Koko, the famed gorilla who can use sign language to communicate. In the clip, Williams is... Read more

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    Viral Video: Soldiers Perform ‘Taps’ At Arlington National Cemetery

    Just in time for Memorial Day, here’s a video that shows soldiers playing “Taps,” the iconic bugle call at the Arlington National Cemetery. “Taps” is... Read more

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    Video: Sandler, Fallon Sing Song to Honor the Troops

    Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler teamed up to sing a song for the troops—to honor Memorial Day and Fleet Week. Fallon, whose father-in-law was an... Read more

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    Man Finds Lost Dog While Looking for a New One

    About 18 months after his German shepherd went missing, a Canadian man said he was finally able to accept that his dog was gone forever... Read more

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    Couple Receives Death Threats Over Their Home Color

    A couple in Harris County, Texas, said they received death threats after a photo of their home—which had been recently painted bright teal—was posted online on... Read more

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    Video: Cops Save Trapped Deer in a Thunderstorm

    Two Kansas City police officers were praised for saving a deer trapped in a thunderstorm. The deer was trying to jump over a concrete barrier... Read more

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    Viral: Soldier Who Served in Afghanistan Surprises Wife and Kids

    A soldier who served in Afghanistan’s surprise for his wife and kids has gone viral again—just in time for Memorial Day. Captain Hyrum Bronson, a... Read more

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    Ballerinas Become Internet Stars as Seven Million People Watch Video of Their Incredible Moves

    A video of ballerinas performing to Jason Derulo’s music has gone viral in a huge way. The clip of students from the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance... Read more

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    Deaf Dancer Stuns During Dancing With the Stars Performance

    It’s hard enough to compete on Dancing With the Stars for a regular contestant. It’s even harder when you’re deaf—like Nyle DiMarco. He’s been teamed up with... Read more

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    ‘Chewbacca Mom’ Candace Payne Takes James Corden To Work

    ‘Chewbacca Mom’ Candace Payne continues to ride the wave of instant fame. This time Payne rode along with James Corden on the May 23 broadcast of the... Read more

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    Dangerous Crossbow Performance on Britain’s Got Talent Goes Wrong Live on Air

    A dangerous stunt on Britain’s Got Talent went wrong, but fortunately no one was hurt. The show–still getting a few million viewers every episode–typically includes... Read more

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    Viral: Children Stop Playing to Pay Respect

    Five kids were having fun on a playground but then stopped and saluted when they heard a familiar song. A video of the children paying... Read more

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    Watch a 1957 Chevy Bel Air Smoke a Motorcycle

    Want to see an old car smoke a motorcycle? Look no further. In this viral video, a ’57 Chevy Bel Air goes up against a... Read more

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