Avoid Chemicals in Commercial Brands: DIY Natural Dishwasher Detergent

(Little Boozy Homemakers)
(Little Boozy Homemakers)

You can make your own dishwasher detergent easily and inexpensively AND it works! Why would you want to make your own dishwasher detergent? Commercial brands...


An Irritating Man

I never met anyone as irritating as the man who used to sit on the steps next to my apartment building in SoHo. Tall, heavyset, often in shorts, with sneakers and a cane, his sole purpose in life seemed to …... Read More

  • Belfast City councilor Ruth Patterson joins pro-Unionist supporters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as part of a nationwide campaign in the U.K. on Sept. 17, 2014, ahead of the referendum on Scotland's independence. (Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images)

    An Independence State of Mind: a View of Scotland’s Big Decision From Edinboro, Pa.

    In my younger years, I would’ve jumped at the chance to vote “Yes” for Scotland’s independence, and even wrote a poem to that effect: Tree... Read more

  • U.S. President Barack Obama talks about Iraq and Syria during a prime-time address from the White House in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 10, 2014. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

    The President and the Congress Should Work Together on Military Intervention

    In his speech last week outlining his plans to use military force against the jihadi fighters of the ISIL, President Obama gave Congress only passing... Read more

  • Retired Gen. John Abizaid conducts a briefing at the Pentagon on Feb. 28, 2012. Abizaid co-chaired the blue-ribbon committee of the United States Institute of Peace, along with former secretary of defense William Perry. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    The Media Ignores an Important, Bipartisan Warning on American Military Readiness

    “News is what I say it is,” said Charles Foster Kane, the legendary (though fictional) press baron. Sadly, today’s media bosses also dictate what news... Read more

  • Actress Angelina Jolie, talks during a news conference regarding sexual violence against women in conflict on April 11, 2013 in London, England. Jolie's revelation on May 14 that year that she had undergone a double mastectomy in order to prevent cancer spurred increased testing for rare genetic mutations related to breast cancer. (Alistair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

    Now There’s Proof for the ‘Angelina Jolie Effect’

    Up to this point, it had only been a hypothesis: that celebrity firepower can definitively drive consumer health behaviour in a certain direction.  The case... Read more

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    Wall Street Tries to Weed Out the Wolves While London Stays Sheepish

    When Mathew Martoma, the former portfolio manager of SAC Capital, was sentenced to nine years in prison for insider trading last week, much of the... Read more

  • In this Sept. 15, 2014, photo, Kurdish citizens who live in Lebanon shout slogans and hold a photograph during a demonstration against militants who refer to themselves as the Islamic State, in front of the UN building, in downtown Beirut, Lebanon. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

    As Core al-Qaeda Weakened, Its Successors Spread

    WASHINGTON—Osama bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda dispersed, yet the horrors keep coming. Western hostages beheaded on camera. School girls abducted by gunmen in the... Read more

  • Jean Roy(L), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hélène Tremblay-Lavoie foundation and Guy Proulx, neuropsychologist and professor in the Department of Psychology at Glendon College, pose in Toronto on April 13, 2013. (Thibault Jourdan/AFP/Getty Images)

    5 Things Most People Get Wrong About Canada’s Health Care System

    A recent court challenge before the British Columbia Supreme Court had threatened to change the rules of the game for the Canadian health care system,... Read more

  • A broker works during the annual Charity Day event of American global financial services company BGC Partners at the company's Paris headquarters on Sept. 11, 2014. Each year, BGC Partners commemorates the 658 employees that the company lost in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. (Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images)

    What Needs to Change in the Global Economy to Defeat Terrorism

    President Obama’s vow to destroy ISIL and his bombing campaign set the course for another American misadventure.  His strategy fails to recognize that global terrorism... Read more

  • For Universities’ Sake, Let It Be ‘No’ to an Independent Scotland

    The impact of Scottish independence on the university sector has been a mere footnote during the referendum campaign. That’s not surprising when there are bigger... Read more

  • Suffolk County Legislator John M. Kennedy speaking to a constituent at local concert. (Seth Weiss)

    A Republican With the Name of a Beloved Democrat

    John M. Kennedy, the 58-year-old, five-term incumbent legislator for the 12th Legislative District of Suffolk County, the County’s minority legislative leader and the current Republican... Read more

  • Morgue worker Sergiy Pilipenko inspects the coffins of unclaimed bodies, both civilians and soldiers, outside of the city morgue in Luhansk, Ukraine, on Sept. 14, 2014. Luhansk, a separatist-held city close to the border with Russia, has witnessed some of the heaviest fighting between Russian-backed separatist soldiers and Ukrainian troops. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    Can Putin Be Persuaded to Accept European Harmony?

    The implosion of the Soviet Union after 1991 brought freedom to almost 20 restored or new democracies of Central and Eastern Europe. Europeans were reunited,... Read more

  • President Barack Obama shakes hands with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott following the conclusion of their meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Thursday, June 12, 2014. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

    Abbott Deploys 600 Australians to Middle East

    The government will deploy a contingent including up to eight Super Hornets and special forces – involving 600 personnel in total – as part of... Read more

  • David Suzuki (David Suzuki Foundation)

    Prescription for Health: Fight Global Warming

    What if we could reduce worldwide deaths from disease, starvation, and disaster while improving the health of people everywhere? According to the World Health Organization,... Read more

  • The plight of foreign laborers in the Gulf—who make up large majorities of the population in the smaller emirates—underscores a dark underside to the modern, glossy exterior the GCC states like to showcase to the world. (Rebel Against Injustice/Flickr)

    Kingdom of Slaves

    Since FIFA picked Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, the tiny and uber-rich Gulf emirate has increasingly come under scrutiny for its failure to... Read more

  • An employee works in a textile factory in Colombia on May 10, 2012, shortly before the free trade agreement (NAFTA) signed in 2006 between United States and Colombia came into force. (Raul ArboledaA/AFP/GettyImages)

    A New Trade Promotion Authority Would Be a Blessing for the US Economy

    News about the economy just went from bad to worse. The Commerce Department released new figures showing gross domestic product fell 2.9 percent in the... Read more

  • Protesters hold cutouts of vultures during a demonstration in front of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Aug. 15, 2014. Students gathered to protest against the recent closing of U.S. company R.R. Donnelley & Sons printing plant on the outskirts of the Argentine capital, the layoffs of about 60 workers at the American car parts maker Lear and against the ruling by U.S. Judge Thomas Griesa in favor of a U.S. hedge fund, known locally as "vulture funds." (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)

    Argentina Default Flashes Warning to Emerging Markets

    Legal systems in the world’s wealthiest nations often do not understand the all- encompassing challenges confronting emerging economies. Those outside the Americas may not have... Read more