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Nitrogen-Based Life Might Swim on Saturn’s Largest Moon (Video)

Researchers at Cornell University theorize life might exist on Saturn’s largest moon as nitrogen-based organisms. (AOL Screenshot)
Researchers at Cornell University theorize life might exist on Saturn’s largest moon as nitrogen-based organisms. (AOL Screenshot)

Here’s a theory for finding extraterrestrial life: look for stuff that doesn’t resemble organisms on Earth. A team of researchers at Cornell University in New...

  • University of Portsmouth researchers have found limpet's teeth could be the strongest natural material known to mankind. (AOL Screenshot)

    Nature’s Strongest Material Comes From Sea Snails (Video)

    Researchers at the University of Portsmouth may have found the strongest natural material humankind has ever known. And it’s a … sea snail. Specifically, it’s... Read more

  • A mysterious plume seen hovering high above the Martian surface in 2012 continues to confound astronomers. (AOL Screenshot)

    Mysterious Haze Hovering Over Mars Confounds Astronomers (Video)

    Space agencies have put a great deal of effort into learning all there is to know about Mars, yet it was amateur Red Planet enthusiasts... Read more

  • A new NASA study found that in the next 75 years parts of the U.S. are likely to face droughts lasting more than 20 years. (AOL Screenshot)

    NASA Predicts ‘Megadroughts’ Due to Climate Change (Video)

    A new NASA study found that parts of the U.S. are at risk for Megadroughts during the second half of this century because of climate... Read more

  • New research shows humans send between 4.8 and 12.7 million tons of plastics into the world’s oceans every year. (AOL Screenshot)

    The Oceans’ Plastic Problem Gets 8M Tons Worse Every Year (Video)

    Plastic in the oceans is a big problem — one getting worse by an average of 8 million tons a year, according to new research... Read more

  • Scientists used information from seismic events like earthquakes to probe the center of the Earth and might have found an inner-inner core. (AOL Screenshot)

    How Scientists Might Have Found an Inner-Inner Core (Video)

    If you were to venture down through Earth’s many layers to the very center of the planet, you’d find some interesting things. You almost certainly... Read more

  • Cornell University researchers found traces of bubonic plague uptown, organisms only previously seen in Antarctica on the south side and more. (AOL Screenshot)

    NYC Subway Study Shows Half of DNA From Unknown Organisms (Video)

    Germaphobes, you’ve been warned. Every fear you’ve probably ever conceived is in the subways of New York City. But don’t worry too much — there... Read more

  • Want Ferrari-power for the price of an Audi? For the first time, with the Maserati Ghibli, the Italians created a family-car that costs less than $100k. (Maserati)

    3 Awesome Car Technologies That Stood Out at CES 2015 (Video)

    Spend enough time at CES, and you’ll stumble across a few diamonds in the rough. But not even a week is enough time to see... Read more

  • A man shows his new iPhone outside Puerta del Sol Apple Store as Apple launches iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on Sept. 26, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. (Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

    5 iPhone Apps to Help You Take and Edit Photos Like a Pro (Video)

    Apple’s iPhones take some impressive pictures, and they get better every year. Even though Apple has refused to go above the 8-megapixel threshold, the company’s... Read more

  • The 4.4 billion-year-old meteorite is like nothing ever discovered on Earth and gives researchers insight into the makeup of the Red Planet's surface. (AOL Screenshot)

    ‘Black Beauty’ Meteorite Reveals Secrets of Mars’ Surface (Video)

    A new study claims a recently discovered meteorite is a chunk of Martian crust that is like nothing else ever discovered on Earth. The meteorite,... Read more

  • A 55,000-year-old skull fragment found in an Israeli cave might mark one of the first areas where modern humans and Neanderthals met. (AOL Screenshot)

    Ancient Skull May Mark Where Humans First Met Neanderthals (Video)

    Scientists are getting closer to finding the time and place where modern humans and Neanderthals first — got it on. A new study in the journal Nature may have... Read more

  • (Urban Armor Gear Inc.)

    What Happens When You Drop an iPhone 6 From Space (Video)

    How annoying is this? You drop your phone accidentally from barely 3 feet off the ground and the screen shatters instantly. Meanwhile, Urban Armor Gear flies... Read more

  • The NASA logo on a protective box for a camera near the space shuttle Endeavour April 28, 2011 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

    How NASA Space Technologies Can Improve Life on Earth (Video)

    NASA technologies are being used to locate underground water in some of the driest places on the Earth, build quieter and more fuel-efficient airplanes, and... Read more

  • Guests wear 3D glasses at the 'You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger' Premiere at the Palais des Festivals during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2010 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images; effects added by Epoch Times)

    New Technology Allows You to See 3-D Without 3-D Glasses (Video)

    3-D glasses make some people feel sick, so is it possible to view 3-D images without the glasses?   The first 3-D photo was created by Sir Charles... Read more

  • This photo provided by the National Park Service shows dense clouds at the south rim of the Grand Canyon on Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 in Arizona. A rare weather phenomenon on Thursday had visitors looking out to a sea of thick clouds. The total cloud inversion is expected to hang over the Grand Canyon just below the rim throughout the day. (AP Photo/National Park Service, Maci MacPherson) -----

    Watch Snow Blow off of the water in this Video – Crazy!

    This time-lapse video shows snow blowing off the water near Buffalo, New York. The white clouds are memorizing as they swoop across the water.…... Read more

  • Smart keyboard.  (American Chemical Society; effects added by Epoch Times)

    Smart Keyboard Identifies Computer Users by the Way They Type (Video)

    In a novel twist in cybersecurity, scientists have developed a self-cleaning, self-powered smart keyboard that can identify computer users by the way they type. The... Read more

  • The first images of the European Space Agency's Rosetta probe comet orbit could provide clues about its origin and how it got its unique shape. (AOL Screenshot)

    Rosetta Captures Stunning Views, Diverse Data of Comet 67P (Video)

    The first images and findings are in from the Rosetta space probe’s historic mission as the first spacecraft to ever orbit a comet. People have been eagerly awaiting... Read more

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