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Strange Object in the Clouds Over Budapest, Hungary (Video)

Raw footage featuring an apparent unknown object spotted in the clouds over Budapest, Hungary. (AOL Screenshot)
Raw footage featuring an apparent unknown object spotted in the clouds over Budapest, Hungary. (AOL Screenshot)

Raw footage featuring an apparent unknown object spotted in the clouds over Budapest, Hungary. What do you think it could possibly be? Let us know...

  • Movpak (Courtesy of Movpak)

    Movpak Makes Your Journey Faster and More Fun (Video)

    Getting from your city apartment to the subway is always tough- first you have to pack everything into a massive bag and then lug it... Read more

  • Grand Theft Auto V (Courtesy of  Rockstar Games)

    GTA V is Coming to Xbox One, PS4 in November – PC Gamers Will Have to Wait

    Back in June, Rockstar Games announced that, as expected, it was planning to bring Grand Theft Auto V to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4... Read more

  • Pupils use tablets during courses in a classroom at the Leonard de Vinci “connected” middle school in Saint-Brieuc, western France, on Sept. 12, 2013. (Damien Meyer/AFP/Getty Images)

    How to Use Google Docs in Classroom (Video)

    The use of cloud-based word processing and storage is among the most underrated examples of education technology. If literacy is the foundation of learning, tools... Read more

  • Apple Genius (Courtesy of

    First HTC, Now Samsung Take a Swipe at Apple (Video)

    Now, give me grief if you wish, but this is how things happen. 1 – Apple release a product.2 – A lot of people think... Read more

  • Two solar flares which erupted in our direction this week will arrive this weekend. The resulting solar storm will be powerful but not dangerous. (AOL Screenshot)

    Solar Storm to Hit This Weekend, Scientists Not Worried (Video)

    A solar storm is headed our way after the Sun produced a pair of solar flares aimed at Earth over the past couple days. One of... Read more

  • New research has shown that the Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur, might have been just as well suited for life in the water as on land. (AOL Screenshot)

    Spinosaurus Could Be First Semi-Aquatic Dinosaur (Video)

    Spinosaurus, the largest of all carnivorous dinosaurs, may have been just as well-equipped for life in the water as on land. The Cretaceous-era dinosaur was... Read more

  • As a form of a time capsule, NASA will be collecting tweets from the public about the future of space travel on a microchip to be sent to the asteroid Bennu. (AOL Screenshot)

    NASA to Send Tweets Into Space (Video)

    When NASA launched their Voyager craft in the 70′s, each contained a space time capsule named the “Golden Record,” that included a photograph of the... Read more

  • Stonehenge

    A Look Under Stonehenge: Prehistoric Pits, Hidden Monuments (+Video)

      LONDON—There is more to Stonehenge than meets a visitor’s eye. Researchers have produced digital maps of what’s beneath the World Heritage Site, using ground-penetrating radar, high-resolution... Read more

  • "This material is 50 times harder than plastic, nearly 10 times harder than aluminum, and almost three times the hardness of steel," Jan Schroers says. "It's awesome." (Yale)

    This Smartphone Case Is 3X Harder Than Steel (+Video)

    A new smartphone case is lightweight, thin, harder than steel, and as easy to shape as plastic. What’s the catch? You can’t purchase one—not yet, anyway. Jan... Read more

  • uBeam3

    uBeam Might Be the Future of Wireless Charging (Video)

    Very soon, the way in which we charge our devices is likely to change forever. A number of wireless chargers, such as those made by Google and Samsung for their... Read more

  • Artwork found in a Gibraltar cave that was possibly done by Neanderthals suggests they may have been smarter than we all thought. (AOL Screenshot)

    Did Neanderthals Play Tic-Tac-Toe? (Video)

    When we think of Neanderthals, we often picture long-haired, shaggy-looking prehistoric people with the intelligence of a buffalo. But new artwork found in a Gibraltar... Read more

  • A study of almost 20 years' worth of satellite images shows Antarctic sea levels are on the rise as ice shelves continue to melt. (AOL Screenshot)

    Melting Ice Shelves Drive Rapid Antarctic Sea Level Rise (Video)

    A study more than 20 years in the making reports a rapid rise in Antarctic sea levels. The cause? Melting ice shelves.  That’s an especially... Read more

  • Paleobiologist Richard Norris and his team have solved the mystery behind the sailing stones in California's Death Valley. (AOL Screenshot)

    Incredible Death Valley Mystery Finally Solved (Video)

    A mystery in Death Valley National Park that has puzzled scientists and park visitors for decades has finally been solved. Across a dry lake in... Read more

  • Ten-year-old Noah Cordle says at first he thought it was a crab that hit his foot while he was walking on a New Jersey Beach, but it was actually a 10,000-year-old arrowhead. (AOL Screenshot)

    Boy Finds 10,000-Year-Old Arrowhead (Video)

    A ten-year-old boy playing on a New Jersey beach has unearthed a 10,000-year-old arrowhead possibly used by ancient Native Americans to spear fish or hunt... Read more

  • Researchers in Britain, working with experts at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology in Austria have created the first underground survey of Stonehenge. (AOL Screenshot)

    Scientists Look for Clues Underneath Stonehenge (Video)

    There are many mysteries surrounding the ancient monuments at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. Researchers in Britain, working with experts at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for... Read more

  • iPhone 5C

    Walmart Slashes iPhone 5C Price to 97 Cents (Video)

      Walmart has drastically cut the prices of the iPhone 5C and 5S , suggesting an upcoming debut of the iPhone 6. The 5S has... Read more

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