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  • (Time Studio)

    The Evolution of ASIMO the Robot (Video)

    Honda has been researching robotics since 1986, and now they have just released the newsest version of their ASIMO robot.…... Read more

  • Kids react to Walkman. hilarious video (, Screenshot)

    Hilarious: Kids React to Walkman (+Video)

    Sic transit gloria mundi! The cool-factor Sony Walkmans had back in the ’80s and early ’90s was unrivaled. Even Apple’s iProducts would be jealous of... Read more

  • Blood Moon

    ‘Blood Moon’ Attracts Stargazers, Conspiracy Theories

    Tuesday’s total lunar eclipse will bring out both stargazers and conspiracy theorists alike as the blood red moon fills up the early morning sky.…... Read more

  • Video Game

    Why Video Games Make You Aggressive

    Mainstream media constantly debates whether or not video games cause people to become more violent and aggressive. Joe Bereta from SourceFed steps in to discuss... Read more

  • Wheelchair

    Will Electric Shocks Cure Paralysis?

    A new experimental treatment uses electricity to help people suffering from paralysis stand up and even walk! Could this technique provide a cure for some... Read more

  • tumblr_n3oi4wuCI91t5fphqo4_500

    Watch: Ever Wonder What Sound Looks Like?

    Have you ever wondered what sound looks like? You may picture a graphical depiction, perhaps showing the frequency of a sound wave or the audio... Read more

  • Mars

    Opposition of Mars: Red Planet to Shine Brightly in Tonight’s Sky

    The opposition of Mars is upon us. Every 26 months, including April 8, Mars, the Sun, and Earth end up in a nearly-straight line. With... Read more

  • spinal

    Video of Paralyzed Men Regaining Use of Legs After Novel Implant

    Four men, originally paralyzed below the waist, have regained movement in their legs after a novel procedure at the University of Louisville’s Kentucky Spinal Cord... Read more

  • Nasa's Solar Dynamic Observatory has captured amazing close-up footage of a solar flare erupting from the surface of the Sun. (ITN)

    Incredible NASA Close-Up View of Solar Flare Erupting from Sun

    NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory has captured amazing close-up footage of a solar flare erupting from the surface of the Sun.…... Read more

  • Watch: Philadelphia Shares Your Pain of a Poorly Placed Tetris Z-Block

    The city of Philadelphia is just like you. When a Drexel University professor turned the Cira Centre into a 100,000-square-foot game of Tetris, residents of... Read more

  • NASA Video: Hint of Universe’s Elusive Dark Matter

    A new NASA video shows the most compelling hint of dark matter ever recorded. Using raw data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope, scientists isolated an... Read more

  • Mystery Fossil

    Experts Solve Mystery Behind These Footprints

    Paleontologists in Arizona have finally figured out what animal made a set of 260 million year-old fossilized footprints. The fossilized imprints were discovered by paleontologist... Read more

  • (Screenshot/Wochit)

    Adorable Five-Year-Old Exploits Xbox One Security Flaw

    Like many kids, Kristoffer Wilhelm Von Hassel from Ocean Beach, Calif., wants to play video games. And like many kids, his father had set a... Read more

  • An aerial shot of the north Cornwall coast, shot by a 17-year-old, became an Internet sensation (, screenshot)

    These Views of the Cornwall Coast, Shot by a 17-Year-Old, Will Leave You in Awe (Video)

    A stunning video of the north Cornwall coast in the UK, captured by a 17-year-old who shoots aerial videos for fun, has become an Internet sensation. ... Read more

  • The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. ( ScreenShot)

    After Seeing This Video, Your Perception of the Universe Will Never Be the Same Again

    The universe is big. Really big.  A recent movie created by the American Museum of Natural History shows you exactly how unfathomably huge it really is,... Read more

  • (Screenshot/Time)

    ‘Periodic Puns’: Chemistry Jokes for Your April Fool’s Day Pleasure (Video)

    The web is awash with bad jokes whenever April Fool’s Day comes around. But how are those jokes brought to you courtesy of the American... Read more

  • Alcoholism App

    Can This App Help People Overcome Alcoholism?

    Researchers at The University of Wisconsin create A-CHESS, a relapse-prevention system for alcohol-dependent individuals.…... Read more

  • Oculus Rift, Facebook

    Oculus Rift Future: What Will Facebook Do With Virtual Reality?

    What does Facebook’s stake in the company mean for the future development of the device, and for the future users? …... Read more

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In January 2004, all eyes were on NASA's Opportunity rover as it descended onto Mars. Once the rover began transmitting data, scientists encountered geology unlike any they had expected. (Science Channel via AOL, Screenshot)

    ‘NASA’s Unexplained Files’: What are Mars Blueberries?

    In January 2004, all eyes were on NASA’s Opportunity rover as it descended onto Mars. Once the rover began transmitting data, scientists encountered geology unlike... Read more

  • Trust

    Why Smart People Are More Trusting

    Trust is a vital part of everyday life. If you can’t trust anyone, than your life can be lonely. But, if you trust too many... Read more

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