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Watch the Lost Art of Scissor-Making: You’ll Appreciate This Daily Object More (Video)

The Putter (Shaun Bloodworth)
The Putter (Shaun Bloodworth)

Earnest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, England, is one of the last companies to create scissors by hand.  This short film was made as part...

  • pizza

    Frontier Airlines Pilot Buys Pizza for Passengers

      A Frontier Airlines pilot is being hailed as a hero, and not for anything he did in the air (via NBC). Few things are... Read more

  • [Photo Credits: Getty Images]

    Our Cry Babies Finally Show Their Inner Cuteness

    When we think about babies, we just think about their “googoogaagaa” and their crying. But let’s just set that aside for a moment and enjoy... Read more

  • At this year's Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este in Lake Como, Italy, this Jaguar XK 120 was the top star. (AOL)

    Jaguar XK120: Watch $3 Million-Car That Hooks Jay Leno, George Clooney and Clark Gable

    Jay Leno was all the rage when he drove a Jaguar X K-120 at this year’s prestigious Oldtimer classic Mille Miglia. The 3 million Dollar... Read more

  • valedictorian

    Homeless Girl Graduates As School Valedictorian

    A former high school student in Washington D.C. who has spent the last several years of her life homeless recently graduated as a valedictorian. Rashema... Read more

  • Shutterstock*

    I’ll Teach You! Animals Show Other Animals How Things Get Done

    It’s amazing how animals can display human-like behaviors. What’s even more amazing is the way they interact with other animals, especially their young, as if... Read more

  • korean_baby

    Adorable Korean Baby Shows Off Impressive Dance Moves

    Move over Psy, make room for this new South Korean dance sensation ready to take the world by storm.…... Read more

  • Photographic Memory

    Watch: Autistic Artist Draws City Panoramas From Memory in Astoundingly Accurate Detail (Video)

    Stephen Wiltshire was 11 years old when he drew a perfect aerial view of London, England, after only one helicopter ride. Even the number of... Read more

  • child-rescue-china

    Man Catches Child Who Fell from Second Story Window in China

    A miraculous save in China. A man in Zhongshan in the Guangdong Province spots a one-year-old child dangling from a window.…... Read more

  • Suman Bansal's father took a photo of her from the day she was born untill she turne 18 this month. (

    This Dad Photographed His Daughter Every Day for 18 Years. The Result Is Stunning

    Suman Bansal turned 18 this month. Since birth, her father took a photo of her every day. Zoom through this video, compiled from 6570 photos... Read more

  • marine_brother

    Marine Surprises Bride on Wedding Day

    A bride is overcome with joy on her wedding day when her brother, a deployed marine, makes a surprise entrance. The night before the wedding... Read more

  • parker_mantell

    College Grad With Stutter Gives Inspiring Commencement Speech

    Indiana University graduate Parker Mantell drew on his own experiences to deliver a message of encouragement, saying, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”…... Read more

  • little league thumbnail

    Obama Drops by an Evening Little League Baseball Game

    US President Barack Obama took a detour on his way to a fundraiser, stopping at a Little League baseball game in Washington.…... Read more

  • baseball thumbnail

    Boy at Texas Rangers Game Makes Impressive Play

    After catching a foul ball, a young boy generously gave a baseball to a woman sitting behind him … except it wasn’t the ball he’d... Read more

  • heffernan-time-lapse

    Incredible Time-Lapse Video of Milky Way, Grand Canyon: ‘That Which Awaits the Dawn’

    Cloud shadows slip over the dusty land, a strange hut stands out against a periwinkle sky. Low-hanging clouds of an ethereal yellow hue stream between... Read more

  • Dubai Time-Lapse

    Stunning Dubai Time-Lapse Video Praised by Ruler

    Beno Saradzic spent two years filming Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to create this 7-minute time-lapse video that has earned praise from His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin... Read more

  • Lisa Abeyta's  father has Alzheimers. What happens when he is with their dog os magical ( Screenshot)

    Her Father Has Alzheimer’s, But When He Is With The Dog, This Magic Happens (Moving Video)

    Alzheimer’s is a terrible illness. The progressive worsening of symptoms often brings a lot pain to those suffering from it and to their families.  But... Read more

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