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He Was Shot on the Street, Then Saved by a Stranger. But It’s the Reunion With His Rescuer That’s Even More Touching

(Purpose Production/Vimeo)
(Purpose Production/Vimeo)

Antonius Wiriadjaja was walking down the street in a New York City borough when he was struck by a bullet. Thanks to a stranger’s help, he escaped death,...

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    Video: Husband Communicates With His Wife for the First Time in Years

    A man who hadn’t been able to speak because of his motor neurone disease spoke to his wife for the first time in 15 years... Read more

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    Watch: Once Every 10 to 20 Years a Rare ‘Superbloom’ Spreads Across the Mojave Desert

    Usually the vegetation is sparse and hardy in the Mojave Desert, with just 2.36 inches of rain annually. But once every 10 to 20 years,... Read more

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    Two Friends Meet up After Forty Years to Keep a Promise

    Two friends were drinking together at a bar in 1976. They made a pact to meet up one more time at the same bar 40... Read more

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    Video: This K’NEX Machine Is a Record-Breaking Toy Marvel

    Above is officially the world’s largest K’NEX ball contraption.  The record-breaking machine—which features spirals, loops, ramps, elevators, and flashing LED lights—consists of exactly 126,285 K’NEX pieces.  Built... Read more

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    Video: Baby Seen Visibly Moving Inside Mother’s Belly

    A father recorded his unborn baby kicking and sticking her legs out. The clip was recorded when the mother was 39 weeks pregnant with a... Read more

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    Video: Man Gets Scare of Lifetime When He Finds out He Caught an Alligator

    A man and his child had a terrifiyng surprise in St. Martinville, Louisiana.  On April 9, while boating near their campsite in Lake Fausse Point State Park, Burgos... Read more

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    Video: Human Mattress Dominoes, New World Record Is Set

    Yes, there is a world record for human dominoes. The above video, published to YouTube April 7, captures the new Guinness World Record being set.  Aaron’s... Read more

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    Record for Longest Human Mattress Dominoes Chain Topples

    NATIONAL HARBOUR, Md.—Aaron’s Inc., an appliance and electronics-leasing company, has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest human mattress domino chain. Guinness World Records... Read more

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    Woman Has Near-Death Experience, Sees ‘Hell,’ and Comes Back a Better Person

    It was 2003, and Saartjie Geurts, a Dutch 23-year-old, was a first-year communication studies student.  She felt dizzy and found her coordination and ability to concentrate decrease... Read more

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    Daughter Finds Out Mother’s Amazing Secret After She Dies, Helps 150,000 People

    Stephanie Moore quietly helped hundreds of women in Africa. In 2003, she called Anastasia Juma, the founder of OLPS-Neema, an organization for women with AIDS.  Juma... Read more

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    Man Fakes Robbery to Make His Girlfriend Happy

    Taylor and Amanda are walking down the street when four guys approach them. “What you got in your pockets?” one asks. They’re not letting Taylor... Read more

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    Governor Rick Scott Gets Berated by Woman in Starbucks

    Warning: The above video contains explicit language.  Recently Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, has been having some public relations issues.  In early March, Scott was kicked... Read more

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    Only Some People Can See the Hidden Picture in This ‘Eye Test’ That’s Gone Viral

    Some people will only see a vague outline, others may see a detailed picture. However, some don’t see anything at all. The “eye test,” posted... Read more

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    Video: Whale-Watching Boat Crashes Into San Diego Wharf

    The “Adventure Hornblower,” a whale-watching boat, crashed into a San Diego waterfront promenade on Friday.  Around 1 p.m. on March 31, the 22-year-old boat crashed into a... Read more

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    Video: Marine Surprises Mother Diagnosed With Cancer

    Mary Glasure’s life changed forever on Feb. 26, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer was found to have spread throughout her body,... Read more

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    Video: The Sweetest Traffic Stop Ever

    This traffic stop ends with an unexpected but heartwarming announcement.  In a video posted on the Orange County Sheriff’s Department YouTube channel on March 28, Orange... Read more

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