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Rescuers Save Woman From Rapid-Moving Floodwaters

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A dramatic rescue of a woman from the floodwaters in Conroe, Texas was caught on camera.  The woman was surrounded by floodwaters while in a van...

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    ‘I Am His Hands. He Is My Eyes.’ The Friendship That Built a Forest​

    One has no arms, the other is missing his sight. But their friendship is so strong, it could build a forest. Literally.  In the Chinese... Read more

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    Video: Teacher Receives Heartwarming Gift From Students, Video Goes Viral

    Three students in Texas gave their teacher a very thoughtful gift.  On May 5, Blondie, the 16-year-old cat of a high school math teacher in Texas passed away. ... Read more

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    Pen Pals Finally Embrace With Tears After Writing for 38 Years (WATCH)

    These two pen pals have been great friends since they were kids, but now, after finally meeting each other for the first time in 38... Read more

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    Running a Marathon Helps Homeless Get Back on Their Feet

    Wahid (last name withheld) went from making $83,000 per year to making $9,000 per year. “I was down, very depressed, very negative,” he said in... Read more

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    The Most Common Kinds of Coincidences

    There’s not a lot of great data out there on what kinds of coincidences happen to people, mostly because the stories are often so singular... Read more

  • Video of a victory celebration posted by Leicester City Football Club captain Christian Fuchs. (Screenshot of Twitter)

    Video of Leicester Soccer Players Realizing They Won Premier League Is Instant Twitter Hit

    Leicester City Football Club won the English Premier League, beating the odds of 5000-to-1. And when the moment of victory came, their captain, Christian Fuchs, did us the favor... Read more

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    Watch: A Couple’s Guide to Living on a Boat in Wintery New York

    Manhattan’s soaring rents made Jon and Tory forget about their cosy Nolita apartment and move into a boat at the not-so-cosy shore of the Hudson River... Read more

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    Grandson Creates Video Reminder of 67-year Marriage so Grandpa With Alzheimer’s Will Never Forget

    Whether married or not, with grandparents or not, this touching response to true love–and the loss of it–could put a lump in anyone’s throat. Alfred... Read more

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    He Was Shot on the Street, Then Saved by a Stranger. But It’s the Reunion With His Rescuer That’s Even More Touching

    Antonius Wiriadjaja was walking down the street in a New York City borough when he was struck by a bullet. Thanks to a stranger’s help, he escaped death,... Read more

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    Working Every Day for Over 70 Years, This Man Is the Longest Serving Blacksmith in Britain

    Hardy Fred Harriss first picked up a hammer when he was 10 years old. The year was 1938, the time, before World War II even... Read more

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    Video: Woman Furiously Eating Pizza Has Taken Over Internet

    Atlanta’s Phillips Arena “kiss cam” captured a heartwarming moment.  No, not the couple ostentatiously making out, but the woman seated in the row behind them, furiously... Read more

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    India’s First Female Surfer Rides Past Social Boundaries

    Ishita Malaviya and her boyfriend, Tushar Pathiyan, sold many of their belongings to buy a surfboard together. They had no idea how to surf, but after a... Read more

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    Video: Husband Communicates With His Wife for the First Time in Years

    A man who hadn’t been able to speak because of his motor neurone disease spoke to his wife for the first time in 15 years... Read more

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    Watch: Once Every 10 to 20 Years a Rare ‘Superbloom’ Spreads Across the Mojave Desert

    Usually the vegetation is sparse and hardy in the Mojave Desert, with just 2.36 inches of rain annually. But once every 10 to 20 years,... Read more

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    Two Friends Meet up After Forty Years to Keep a Promise

    Two friends were drinking together at a bar in 1976. They made a pact to meet up one more time at the same bar 40... Read more

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    Video: This K’NEX Machine Is a Record-Breaking Toy Marvel

    Above is officially the world’s largest K’NEX ball contraption.  The record-breaking machine—which features spirals, loops, ramps, elevators, and flashing LED lights—consists of exactly 126,285 K’NEX pieces.  Built... Read more

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