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Viral Chopsticks ‘Hack’ Looks Ingenious, But Does It Really Work?

Japanese chopsticks (Public Domain)
Japanese chopsticks (Public Domain)

Since it’s Chinese New Year, it’s time to talk about chopsticks. I…. I never knew *collapses onto floor crying* pic.twitter.com/YSa6l7SN2F — TwiteraarTrash Panda (@bortofdarkness) February...

  • (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

    Kansas City Officer Hailed for Kind Deed

    An officer in Kansas City saw a woman trying to shoplift at a Walmart. But instead of arresting her, he did a kind deed after... Read more

  • (YouTube/screenshot)

    Video: Apparently We’ve Been Eating Toblerone Wrong

    Apparently, everyone has been eating Toblerone chocolate wrong. In a video, titled “How to properly break off a Toblerone,” YouTube uploader Kaitlin Moore says that... Read more

  • Monntel West (Monntel West/Facebook)

    18-Year Old Unknowingly Becomes Internet’s New Music Sensation

    Eighteen-year-old Monntel West wasn’t exactly planning on becoming the next viral sensation. Especially when he was just trying to kill time by playing on an empty... Read more

  • 112uoooo

    Viral Video Shows Colorado Sheriff’s Deputy Doing the ‘Nae Nae’ in Elevator

    A viral video shows a Colorado deputy sheriff dancing in the elevator to celebrate his retirement. The footage El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Scherb... Read more

  • Two friends dressing as one man in order to enter the moveis on one ticket. (YouTube)

    Best Friends Achieve Their Childhood Dream of Dressing up as One Man to Sneak Into the Movies

    Two best friends decided to try their best to pull off a shared dream they’d had since childhood—dressing up as one man to sneak into... Read more

  • YouTube/screenshot

    Miami Woman Accuses Police Officer of Speeding After Chasing Him and Pulling Him Over

    A Miami, Florida woman pursued a police officer, essentially pulled him over, and accused him of speeding. The concerned driver, Claudia Castillo, captured a video of the chase... Read more

  • 239393939aa

    Husband and Wife Married 75 Years Die Less Than Day Apart

    Jeanette and Alexander Toczko got married in 1940 and spent 75 years together—until several months ago when both passed away. Jeanette, 96, and Alexander, 95, first... Read more

  • YouTube/screenshot

    Here Is How to ‘Skin A Watermelon’ — Which Looks Quite Bizarre

    Here’s a how-to video on how to “skin” a watermelon as a party trick. According to the uploader, Mark Rober, this “party trick” doesn’t actually involve skinning... Read more

  • People throw snow during an organized snowball fight at Dupont Circle Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 in Washington. People throw snow during an organized snowball fight at Dupont Circle Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 in Washington. Millions of Americans were preparing to dig themselves out Sunday after a mammoth blizzard with hurricane-force winds and record-setting snowfall brought much of the East Coast to an icy standstill. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

    D.C.’s Snowball Fight Tradition

    Washington, D.C.’s mega snowball fight was held on Sunday as the city began to dig out from the winter storm Jonas. But it wasn’t the... Read more

  • NFL Punter Does a Backflip Off His Deck and Into a Huge Pile of Snow

    New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford nailed this backflip as part of the #Snowchallege. That must have felt pretty cold. #Snowchallege pic.twitter.com/mMV6et5ZxV — Dyllan Solis... Read more

  • Baseball bats. (Spitzgogo_CHEN/CC BY 2.0)

    Woman Beaten with Baseball Bat Makes Remarkable Recovery

    A 22-year-old woman who was brutally attacked while walking her dog in a park is making an incredible recovery after a 19-day stint at the... Read more

  • (Facebook)

    When NYC Shut Down, Snowboarder Took Full Advantage of Empty Streets

    A travel ban was ordered in New York City on Saturday, meaning the streets were practically deserted–especially compared to the usual traffic. A lot of... Read more

  • (Austin Bjornholt/CC BY-SA 3.0)

    Cop Responds to Loud Kids Complaint by Joining Them for Basketball Game

    A police officer in Gainesville, Florida responded to a complaint about kids playing basketball loudly in the street in the best way possible. Officer White... Read more

  • YouTube/screenshot

    This Baby Stops Crying When He Hears ‘Imperial March’ from Star Wars

    A now-viral video shows an infant who stops crying as soon as he hears “The Imperial March,” the famed “Star Wars” song penned by composer... Read more

  • (Facebook; Facebook)

    Viral Video: Subway Rider Gives Shirt Off His Back to Shivering Homeless Man

    A video captured on the New York City subway shows a subway rider taking his shirt off. With only a tanktop underneath, the rider then... Read more

  • YouTube/screenshot

    Las Vegas Taco Shop Turns Security Footage Into Ingenious Ad

    While getting robbed might be disheartening for any small business owner, this Las Vegas taco shop turned it into an advertising opportunity. A break-in at... Read more

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