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Drop Whatever You’re Doing for a Moment of Magic and Beauty (Time-Lapse Video)

(Sunchaser Pictures)
(Sunchaser Pictures)

Filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinović’s time-lapse video “Wavelight,” casts Arizona’s mesmerizing sandstone formations, The Wave, in a unique light. The mesmerizing lines of canyons...

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    Good Karma (Video)

    From our friends at HooplaHa, a great inspiration! You never know when seemingly unfortunate circumstances may lead to unexpected opportunities. This video is a cute... Read more

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    WATCH: This is How You Reject a CCTV Reporter in Hong Kong

    Those Umbrella Movement student protesters do know how to turn down unwanted interviews with some panache.  Recently, a CCTV television reporter in Hong Kong tried to... Read more

  • furious pete

    Viral: Youtube Star Furious Pete Talks Testicular Cancer Experience

    Furious Pete With 1,351,391 subscribers on YouTube(as October 4th, 2014), Furious Pete is what one would call a ‘YouTube celebrity’. However, making YouTube videos is far... Read more

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    How Environment Can Boost Creativity

    Darkness and dim lighting can encourage freedom of thought, which leads to a more prolific generation of ideas, according to a recent paper in the... Read more

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    Professor Oak Would Be Proud of This (Real-Life) Pokemon Collector

    Lisa Courtney knew she just had to get ‘em all.  At age 9, the Welwyn Garden City, UK resident cast her eyes on Pikachu in a... Read more

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    The Psychology of Oversharing Facebook Couples

    As it turns out, Facebook knows a lot of things about its users’ romantic lives. It knows when they’re falling in love, and it knows... Read more

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    Stunning Time-Lapse Video of LA: Neon Nights to Brilliant Dawns

    A transcendent dawn stretches brilliantly over Los Angeles. It settles into a golden sky before melting into a night tinged by the fluorescence of city... Read more

  • Jan Hammenecker laughs in a short film by Christine Rabette. (Screenshot/7avoir/YouTube)

    Watch: A Short Video With a Simple Message That Could Stay With You for Years

    A short film made in Brussels in 2003 titled “Merci!” and also known as “Bodhisattva in the Metro,” has an infectious effect. The video’s enduring... Read more

  • Hundreds of Star Wars fans gathered on Washington Square, New York City on Aug. 9 to engage in massive lightsaber battle. (Petr Svab/Epoch Times)

    Star Wars: Mass Lightsaber Battle on Washington Square, NYC (Photos, Video)

    NEW YORK—Hundreds of Star Wars fans, both sporadic and die hard, gathered on Washington Square, New York City on Aug. 9 evening to engage in... Read more

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    8 Videos of Children That Will Melt Your Heart

    When things seem dark and bleak, we all deserve a bit of joy in our lives. And what can top innocent children who find so... Read more

  • The Putter (Shaun Bloodworth)

    Watch the Lost Art of Scissor-Making: You’ll Appreciate This Daily Object More (Video)

    Earnest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, England, is one of the last companies to create scissors by hand.  This short film was made as part... Read more

  • boston

    Boston Marathon Survivor Gets Movie Deal, New Child

    From Boston to Hollywood, the story of a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings is reportedly making its way to the silver screen. Jeff Bauman... Read more

  • Aerial view of Christ the Redeemer statue, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taken on June 26, 2014. (YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images)

    Rio De Janeiro Time Lapse: Watch Stunning Video of Beautiful World Cup Final City

    Only one more day left to the World Cup final. Check out the stunning time lapse video above of Rio de Janerio, the city where... Read more

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    Pregnant Woman Struck by Lightning; See the Baby Now

    When a mother-to-be was struck by lightning, doctors had to perform an emergency c-section, and the shocking effects of that night aren’t over. KOAT Action... Read more

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    Frontier Airlines Pilot Buys Pizza for Passengers

      A Frontier Airlines pilot is being hailed as a hero, and not for anything he did in the air (via NBC). Few things are... Read more

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    Our Cry Babies Finally Show Their Inner Cuteness

    When we think about babies, we just think about their “googoogaagaa” and their crying. But let’s just set that aside for a moment and enjoy... Read more

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