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WATCH: This is How You Reject a CCTV Reporter in Hong Kong

(Facebook screenshot)
(Facebook screenshot)

Those Umbrella Movement student protesters do know how to turn down unwanted interviews with some panache.  Recently, a CCTV television reporter in Hong Kong tried to...

  • China Uncensored: China’s Mysterious Flight Delays

    If there’s anything that we can all agree on, as a species, it’s that flight delays are the absolute worst. Who wants to be stuck... Read more

  • China Uncensored: McDonald’s Food Scandal in Shanghai!

    It seems yet another food scandal has rocked China. Last week, Shanghai’s state-owned Dragon TV investigated a Shanghai-based food processor that works with Yum Brands... Read more

  • Not long ago Chen Siyuan made headlines for her ability to write with both hands at the same time, penning a different language with each. (AOL Screenshot)

    Woman Writes With Hands and Feet Simultaneously (Video)

    Not long ago Chen Siyuan made headlines for her ability to write with both hands at the same time, penning a different language with each... Read more

  • The Wenzhou river in eastern China turned bloody red earlier this week. Researchers are still investigating the cause. (AOL Screenshot)

    Chinese River Turns Bloody Red Overnight (Video)

    Residents in eastern China woke up earlier this week to find the river that runs through their city had turned blood red.  “The other night folks smelled something... Read more

  • The entrance to the China exhibit from the annual Smithsonian Institute Folklife Festival on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on June 28, 2014. (Epoch Times)

    China Uncensored: DC Celebrates 4th of July With Maoist Propaganda!

    What a 4th of July! Fireworks, barbecue, truly a day for people all around the United States of America celebrate freedom from tyranny and oppression... Read more

  • hqdefault25z

    China Uncensored: Chinese Millionaire Deceives Hundreds of New York’s Homeless

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of my readers out there. You give me so much, and I haven’t been giving back enough... Read more

  • China-uncensored

    China Uncensored: Chinese Media Warn Against Dangerous American Cult

    What do democracy, terrorism, and cults have in common? Well, according Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece called “Seeking Truth,” they’re all part of America’s insidious plot... Read more

  • China Uncensored: Is Chinese Propaganda Invading Our Schools?

    The Confucius Institute’s presence can be found at many universities in the United States and other countries. Sure, the Confucius Institute sounds like a harmless... Read more

  • One-Eyed Jack (Courtesy of the owner of One-Eyed Jack)

    China Uncensored: Dog Beaten to Death Before Owner’s Eyes

    If you’re ever in China, you might want to keep an eye out for anyone with a uniform from the chengguan.  “Chengguan” roughly means “urban... Read more

  • Chappell

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About China | China Uncensored

    Chris Chappell of China Uncensored answers questions about China on a variety of topics—from the dense haze that covers parts of the country to fascinating... Read more

  • China Uncensored: China’s Executing One of Its Richest Men

    Billionaire Liu Han, one of the richest men in China, was sentenced to death last week. It turned out that Liu had some rather unique... Read more

  • China Uncensored: China’s Greatest Threat—Korean Dramas

    Why can’t China make a good soap opera?! That was the most important question Chinese officials had to ask themselves, just two days after the... Read more

  • China Uncensored: China’s Military Massing Near Vietnam?

    Pictures of China’s People’s Liberation Army massing along the border of Vietnam and China’s Guanxi Province have surfaced online. It follows anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam... Read more

  • Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 11.20.54 AM

    PetSmart Will Stop Selling Pet Treats Made In China (Video)

    PetSmart is the latest major pet food retailer to say it will stop selling dog and cat treats made in China because of continuing fears... Read more

  • China Uncensored: Not the Response You’d Expect from a Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

    A drunk driver killed a Chinese International student in a car accident in Los Angeles in early May. But when the word got out that,... Read more

  • China Uncensored: China’s Underwater Train to America

    A few years ago, China’s high-speed rail seemed poised to be a shining global leader into the future of transportation. That plan seems to have... Read more

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