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One of the World’s Strangest and Most Adorable Animals Learns to Walk (Video)

The Edinburgh Zoo is celebrating the arrival of an adorable endangered Malayan tapir calf. (AOL Screenshot)
The Edinburgh Zoo is celebrating the arrival of an adorable endangered Malayan tapir calf. (AOL Screenshot)

The Edinburgh Zoo is celebrating the arrival of an adorable striped and spotted Malaysian tapir calf. Born on May 19th, the baby came into the...

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    Farmer Rescues Stuck Baby Alpaca From Hole in the Ground

    A farmer in Menomonie, Wisconsin, recently found a baby alpaca trapped in the ground, having seen its head rising above the grass.  The alpaca, just... Read more

  • Guinness World Records recently announced Scooter, a 30-year-old Siamese living in Texas, has been confirmed as the planet’s oldest living cat. (AOL Screenshot)

    Meet The World’s Oldest Cat (Video)

    The average life expectancy for a house cat is around 15 years, but a Texas feline named Scooter celebrated his 30th birthday in March. That’s... Read more

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    Video: Alligator Pays South Carolina Family a Late Night Visit

    We recommend wearing headphones when watching the above video.  One South Carolina family recently had an unexpected and probably unwelcome visitor. During the late evening of... Read more

  • A sea cucumber recently caught on camera by the NOAA crew during the Okeanos Explorer mission dazzles and mesmerizes. (AOL Screenshot)

    What’s This Purple Thing That Scientists Just Spotted in Deep Ocean (Video)

    Let’s face it. Sea cucumber is not the most exciting name for an aquatic creature. Nonetheless, one of them recently caught on camera by NOAA... Read more

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    Video: Feeding Humpback Whales Get Breathtakingly Close

    This unbelievable video captures humpback whales surfacing among docked boats to feed. Filmed in Knudson Cove Marina in Ketchikan, Alaska, the breathtaking video shows a humpback... Read more

  • Cute pictures of sea otters holding hands have become popular online, but a recent Dodo article reveals that there is a practical purpose to the adorable behavior--it keeps them from floating away from each other while sleeping in the water. (AOL Screenshot)

    Heartwarming Reason Why Sea Otters Hold Hands (Video)

    Images of sea otters holding hands have become popular on the Internet, and while this behavior is adorable, it also has a practical purpose. As... Read more

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    Video: Orphaned Puppy Joins Family of Kittens After Mother Was Hit by Car

    Amid tragedy, one lucky puppy receives a happy ending this Earth Day.  When Bobby the Chihuahua was just two days old, his mother was fatally... Read more

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    Video: Exhausted, Drowning Horse Saved by Texans

    The rescue of a drowning horse is captured on camera. Extreme weather has recently been ravaging the Houston, Texas area, with floods claiming the lives of at... Read more

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    Woman Climbs Over Tiger Fence at Zoo to Get Her Hat Back

    A video from the Toronto Zoo shows a woman leaping over a Tiger fence to retrieve her hat, which had fallen into the enclosure.  The... Read more

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    Video: Dog Falls in Love With Toy Gorilla

    Maymo’s owners weren’t sure whether their dog would be charmed or scared by a giant stuffed gorilla, but they wanted to find out. At first,... Read more

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    A Normal Tour Took an Exciting Turn When These Bears Got Up on Two Legs

    It’s not every day you see a bear. It’s even rarer to see a bear standing up on their hind legs. These two creatures in... Read more

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    Video: Alligator Chows Down on Fellow Gator

    Uploaded to YouTube on April 13, this video depicts a large American alligator bathing and walking about with half of another gator in his jaws.  At... Read more

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    Fisherman Gets a Terrifying Surprise At The End Of His Fishing Line

    Lance Burgos was fishing for catfish at Lake Fausse Point State Park in Louisiana when he felt a pull on his line. When he looked... Read more

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    Dog Saved from Icy Water by Shirtless Man

    A clip that has gone viral shows a shirtless man smashing through ice with his bare hands. Believed to have been filmed in Russia, the... Read more

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    Man Uses Excavator to Rescue a Trapped Baby Deer

    A deer that was stuck in the mud got an unlikely rescuer. Bill Davis saw that an alarm on his land was triggered, and he... Read more

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    Police Rescue Chihuahua Who Led Them Across San Francisco Bay Bridge

    The California Highway Patrol said officers have rescued a chihuahua that led officers across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. A clip of the rescue was uploaded... Read more

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