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Germanswings Crash Wouldn't Be First Case of Pilot Suicide


The thought that a Germanwings pilot deliberately crashed a commercial plane into the Alps killing himself and 149 others is truly harrowing. French aviation investigators related on...

  • US-Energy-Gas-Environment A Consol Energy Horizontal Gas Drilling Rig explores the Marcellus Shale outside the town of Waynesburg, Penn., on April 13, 2012. (Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images)

    Fracking: US Tightens Rules for Chemical Disclosure

    WASHINGTON—The Obama administration said Friday it is requiring companies that drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic... Read more

  • A woman looks at a webpage while connecting on the internet on March 15, 2013 in Paris.    AFP PHOTO / LIONEL BONAVENTURE        (Photo credit should read LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)

    Developing World Sees Internet as Morally Corrupting

    As of 2015, the vast majority of Americans use the Internet, and even among older Americans, habits such declining to use email are becoming increasingly... Read more

  • Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, writes RaceTogether on a cup in a store in Seattle. (Starbucks Corporation)

    Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign: An Idea That Failed in Execution

    Starbucks Coffee’s #RaceTogether campaign to get customers talking about race relations in America has hit a rough patch. After a tirade of negative press and... Read more

  • A sign with the Target dog mascot is seen inside a Target store in Albany, Ca., on May 15, 2006. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Should We Praise Target for Settling Data Breach Lawsuit?

    Target will pay $10 million in a lawsuit settlement to customers hurt by the company’s massive 2013 data breach, U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson confirmed... Read more

  • US Army Sargent Simon Smith (L) judges members of the Dekalb County Police during the 11th annual honor guard competition on Capitol Hill in Washington on May 14, 2013. The competition was held as part of the 2013 Police Week.    AFP PHOTO/Brendan SMIALOWSKI        (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

    Georgia County Settles Lawsuit Over Man Jailed for Traffic Ticket

    ATLANTA—A traffic ticket turned into a federal case in Georgia. Though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled more than 30 years ago that it is unconstitutional... Read more

  • Billions in federal financial aid is left on the table each year.

    Billions of Dollars Left Unused, as Students Fail to Ask for Financial Aid

    At a time when mounting student debt is dominating news, students across America are leaving nearly $3 billion in federal financial aid on the table... Read more

  • Walter Soria plows snow in Millennium Park on February 26, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    Don’t Tell New York and Boston: Earth Had Its Warmest Winter on Record

    Don’t tell New York City and Boston, but the Earth experienced its warmest winter on record. Just one day ahead of of spring 2015, the U.S. National... Read more

  • FILE - In this Nov. 4, 2014 file photo a voter  marks her ballot at in Brooklyn, Iowa. Americans are a little less likely to ask what they can do for their country these days.  An Associated Press-GfK poll found that the sense of duty has slipped since a similar survey three decades earlier. Civic virtues such as staying informed or serving on a jury don’t seem as important as they once did _ especially among the younger generation. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings, File)

    Americans Are Awful at Voting, but Is Making It Mandatory the Right Idea?

    It’s no secret that the American voter turnout during every election season is abysmal. But is forcing Americans to vote—punishable by law—the right solution to... Read more

  • This image released by Netflix shows Kevin Spacey as U.S. Congressman Frank Underwood in a scene from the Netflix original series, "House of Cards." (AP Photo/Netflix, Melinda Sue Gordon)

    Don’t Be Hostile Like Frank Underwood

    Aggressive, hostile-dominant people may win brass rings in life, but at a cost, according to a series of studies by psychologist Timothy W. Smith and... Read more

  • Adam Brotman, Starbucks chief digital officer, talks about the company's new mobile ordering app Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at Starbucks Coffee Company's annual shareholders meeting in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

    Swipe. Tap. Sip. Will It Work for Starbucks?

    “Software is eating the world,” venture capitalist Marc Andreessen declared in 2011. His metaphor, meant to sum up the displacement of brick-and-mortar businesses like taxi... Read more

  • President Barack Obama in Cleveland on March 18, 2015. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

    Obama Administration Sets Record for Withholding Government Files

    WASHINGTON—The Obama administration set a record again for censoring government files or outright denying access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information... Read more

  • A man protesting the Ferguson grand jury decision to not indict officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown case breaks through police lines attempting to get protesters on the sidewalk while marching through the streets on December 1, 2014 in New York City. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

    As Americans Worry Less About Economy, They Worry More About Other Things

    We have good and bad news. The good news is Americans are gaining confidence in the economy. The bad news is they are meanwhile losing... Read more

  • Outspoken financial commentator Max Keiser (RT)

    Max Keiser: Financial Rock ‘N’ Roll

    Max Keiser is outspoken to say the least. He hosts the Keiser Report, his show for Russian English-language channel RT, alongside his wife and producer... Read more

  • Starbucks is encouraging its baristas to start up conversations about race relations with its customers, by writing the hashtag, #RaceTogether on their coffee cups. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    I Tried to Talk About Race With Starbucks Baristas, Here’s What Happened

    This week, Starbucks Coffee launched a campaign to get its employees to talk about race relations in America with its customers. If they so wish,... Read more

  • US President Barack Obama gestures for the crowd to keep quiet about his visit to the O&H Danish Bakery to buy kringle pastries so that First Lady Michelle Obama wouldn't find out about the visit, during a town hall event on the economy at Racine Memorial Hall in Racine, Wisconsin, June 30, 2010. (Saul  Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

    Dear President Obama: It’s Sunshine Week, You Promised a New Era of Transparency, but We’re Still Waiting

    Dear President Obama,  Happy Sunshine Week! How are you going to celebrate it? I plan to celebrate it by filing a bunch of Freedom of... Read more

  • A boat travels down the Chicago River that is dyed green for St. Patrick's Day in Chicago on Saturday, March 14, 2015. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

    St. Patrick’s Day Traditions: Is Green Beer Dye Bad for You?

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day—and welcome to the American tradition of green beer and green rivers. In some cities, such as Savannah, Georgia, and Boston, on... Read more

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