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Interview with Master Yun Chung Chiang and the secret to keep your body young

Dr. Yun Chung Chiang in his El Cerrito Studio on July 19, displaying his artwork with Epoch Times staff. (Epoch Times)
Dr. Yun Chung Chiang in his El Cerrito Studio on July 19, displaying his artwork with Epoch Times staff. (Epoch Times)

Martial arts master Yun Chung Chiang enjoys great health, is very active, and looks much younger than his age. Epoch Times met with Chiang in...

  • 1269 Vallejo Street San Francisco (Sean Poreda)

    Renaissance on Russian Hill 1269 Vallejo St San Francisco

    San Francisco is a city in transition, and the three-story, fully reinvented stunner at 1269 Vallejo Street stands testament to this fact, having its feet... Read more

  • Bay Area Falun Gong practitioners gather at the Chinese Consulate on Laguna St. on July 1 to support lawsuits against dictator Jiang Zemin. (Mark Cao/Epoch Times)

    Lawsuits Pile Up in China Against Former Head Jiang Zemin

    San Francisco—Over 200 Bay Area Falun Gong practitioners gathered for a rally in front of the Chinese Consulate on Laguna St. in San Francisco on... Read more

  • Lenders schedule of removing bad credit for consumers (Courtesy of Alicia Zhao)

    Real Estate Q&A with Alicia part 9

    Q: I had my past home foreclosed six years ago. Now the foreclosure record no longer shows on my credit report. Can I get a... Read more

  • Barry Bonds (Photo courtesy of BASHOF)

    Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame Welcomes Five Sports Legends

    Barry Bonds, Dusty Baker, Roger Maltbie, Jonny Moseley, and Franklin Mieuli were inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame (BASHOF) at a recent... Read more

  • Real Estate Q&A with Alicia #8

    Q: Why was my loan rejected, even though I have an excellent credit score? A: Credit scores are one of many factors an underwriter uses... Read more

  • NextVR camera rig recording the 2015 Coors Light NHL LA Kings vs. San Jose Sharks hockey game, at Levi's Stadium, San Jose, on Feb. 21. (Photo courtesy of NextVR)

    NextVR Unveils VR Sports Broadcasting

    Forget those long lines at the AT&T Park ball game—virtual reality (VR) may allow you to enjoy live football, baseball, or basketball games, without even... Read more

  • Tian Guo Marching Band performs during World Falun Dafa Day in San Francisco Portsmouth Square (Chris L Photo for Epoch Times)

    San Francisco Celebrates World Falun Dafa Day

    SAN FRANCISCO—Hundreds of Falun Dafa practitioners from around the Bay Area participated in the celebration of World Falun Dafa Day in San Francisco on May... Read more

  • 663 Marina Blvd. San Francisco (Chris L Photo for Epoch Times)

    Serenity in the City: A Marina Masterpiece

    Breathtaking. The only word to describe sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay, extending from the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Island, and facing... Read more

  • Sloth on all fours seeking salt. Photo courtesy of camera trap video compilation from Tiputini Biodiversity Station.

    Rare Endangered Species Video for Oil Exploited Park

    A compilation of new camera trap videos from Yasuni National Park shows off rarely seen species like the rufous-vented ground cuckoo (Neomorphus geoffroyi) and the... Read more

  • Alicia Zhao, Personal Mortgage Consultant

    Real Estate Q&A with Alicia

    Q: Why did my house’s appraisal value come in lower than that of another house sold in my neighborhood? A: When an appraiser evaluates a... Read more

  • The Presidio Dance Theatre opened its annual event “Dancing Across Cultures” at the Opera House with an uplifting dance from the Ukraine. (SHERENE MELANIA/PRESIDIO DANCE THEATRE)

    Young Dancers Bring World Culture to Bay Area Kids

    SAN FRANCISCO—About 3,000 kids from around the Bay went on a field trip on May 4, not just to the prestigious San Francisco Opera House... Read more

  • 2014 International Culinary Competition in New York (Courtesy of NTD Television)

    James Beard: The Father of Cuisine Americana

    If you think the Food Network, Top Chef, or Rachel Ray ushered in the era of the celebrity chef, foodie culture, and cooking shows—think again... Read more

  • Alicia Zhao

    Does pre-approval mean I’ll have no problem getting a home loan?

    Q: I got a pre-approval letter from my bank, does that mean I’ll have no problem getting a home loan? Alicia: That’s not necessarily the case... Read more

  • Alicia Zhao

    What is a common mistake real estate buyers make?

    One common mistake of real estate buyers is to make an offer without first getting their loan fully preapproved. Many times, buyers think they don’t... Read more

  • Courtesy of The Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee of Northern California

    An Armenian Journey, 1915–2015

    A special concert commemorating the 100th anniversary of one of history’s darkest chapters, the Armenian Genocide, will perform at San Francisco’s iconic Palace of Fine... Read more

  • Alicia Zhao

    Real Estate Q&A With Alicia Zhao

    QUESTION: In this hyper-competitive Bay Area market, what’s the best way to make your offer stand out? Alicia:There are various ways to make your offer... Read more

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