• Senators Want No-Visit List to Bar ‘Ideological Radicals’ From Canada

    OTTAWA—The federal government should outlaw membership in a terrorist group, bar radicals from Canada and look at forbidding the glorification of extremists to protect the... Read more

  • Smaller Large, Same Charge: Cineplex Shrinks Its Soft Drink Sizes

    TORONTO—Cineplex is shrinking soft drink sizes at its theatres and while the hulking large cup will disappear, moviegoers will be paying the large price for... Read more

  • Police Bust Driver with Two Mannequins in Truck in Toronto HOV Lane

    TORONTO—Police say a Toronto driver has been charged after getting caught travelling in a marked HOV lane with two mannequins. An officer spotted the vehicle... Read more

  • Boardwalk at the Greenwich Dunelands Trail, part of Prince Edward Island National Park. The Greenwich section of the park consists of floating boardwalks, parabolic dunes, several sandy beaches, and rare flora and fauna. (Carole Jobin)

    Beyond the Church Basement: The New PEI

    My first trip to Prince Edward Island occurred in the, dare I say, good old days in the 1990s. Back then, you had no choice... Read more

  • Chinese investors have flocked en masse to purchase real estate in Western countries, and in Canada, frustration is building. (The Canadian Press/Ryan Remiorz)

    Chinese House-Buying Binge in Canada Fuels Real Estate Bubble

    Editor’s note: China’s newly rich, and even its middle class, have been seeking safe places to invest their money. In the current environment of economic... Read more

  • Shielding Federal Sites From Denial of Service Attacks Would Cost Money: Expert

    OTTAWA—The federal government could stop cyber-meddlers from taking down its websites—but that would cost money, a computer-security expert says. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service site... Read more

  • People relax on a boat off Jericho Beach in Vancouver on June 13, 2015. Nearly half of Canadians will dip into their savings or take on debt as they look to make the most of the summer weather, according to a new poll. (The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck)

    Nearly Half of Canadians Expect to Blow Their Budgets on Summer Fun

    TORONTO—A new poll from CIBC says nearly half of Canadians will need to dip into their savings or take on debt in the coming months... Read more

  • These three young women were among the many who celebrated Canada on Parliment Hill on July 1, the country’s 148th birthday. (Pam McLennan/Epoch Times)

    Canada Day: Parliament Hill Event Draws Big Crowd Despite Weather

    OTTAWA—Canadians from coast to coast took part in a variety of events to celebrate Canada Day on July 1. In Ottawa, despite showers and cloudy... Read more

  • Eve Adams

    Changing Political Colours: Politicians Who’ve Switched Their Ideological Allegiances Over Time

    OTTAWA—This week, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was forced again to revisit talks he had with the Conservatives in 2007 about coming on board as an... Read more

  • TRAVEL Log Elk Island 20120716

    Bison Thriving on the Saskatchewan Prairie

    CLAYDON, Sask.—It’s as if they never left. Eleven years after 50 purebred plains bison were re-introduced to a rolling patch of prairie grass and sagebrush... Read more

  • Feds Approve Cirque du Soleil Sale to Group Headed by US Private Equity Firm

    OTTAWA—The federal government has approved the sale of Cirque du Soleil to a group headed by a U.S. private equity firm and its Chinese partners... Read more

  • Beagles that were released after years of being used for drug testing play at the Beagle Freedom Project facility in Los Angeles on Feb. 27, 2013. A new technique developed by researchers at the University of Guelph can reduce the use of animlas in drug testing also eliminate some of the ethical issues related to animal testing. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    New ‘Synthetic Skin’ Can Reduce Use of Animals in Drug Testing

    A new “synthetic skin” developed by researchers at the University of Guelph could radically change how drug testing is conducted by pharmaceutical companies and universities... Read more

  • Eco-Crusader Naomi Klein Featured at Vatican Environment Conference

    VATICAN CITY—The Vatican added yet another strange bedfellow to its expanding ecological alliance Wednesday, hosting Canadian anti-capitalist eco-crusader Naomi Klein at a conference on saving... Read more

  • Woman Sexually Assaulted by Brother of Serial Killer Robert Pickton Awarded $45,000

    VANCOUVER—A woman who was sexually assaulted by the brother of serial killer Robert Pickton has been awarded $45,000 in civil court. A B.C. Supreme Court... Read more

  • Veteran Paddler Mark Oldershaw to Carry Flag for Canada at Pan Ams

    When veteran paddler Mark Oldershaw carries Canada’s flag into the opening ceremonies of the Pan American Games, he’ll be thinking about his grandfather. The 32-year-old... Read more

  • No Bomb on Fourth Canadian Flight Threatened, Police Say

    SASKATOON—Police in Saskatoon say there was no bomb on the latest Canadian plane that was the target of a threat. An explosives team has completed... Read more

  • The 1300 Magna Carta, written on parchment, begins with a decorated initial “E” (for Edward I or Edward Longshanks, son of Henry III). (Chapter of Durham Cathedral)

    Celebrating the Magna Carta

    The Magna Carta, the most important instrument of English constitutional history, turns 800 this year. The famed document, issued by King John at Runnymede under... Read more

  • A face found on a cliff face in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve's Broken Group Islands in British Columbia, Canada. (Parks Canada/Tanya Dowdall)

    Mysterious, Giant Face Found on Cliff in Canada—Man-Made or Natural?

    Parks Canada is trying to figure out how a face, estimated to be about 7 feet tall, appeared on a cliff in a remote region... Read more

  • Fossils of Four Legged Fish Found in Arctic Back in Canada and On Display

    OTTAWA—A 375-million-year-old fossil of a primitive fish that also sports features of the first four-limbed creatures is now in the hands of the Canadian Museum... Read more

  • Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, in Ottawa on June 23, 2015. Juneau-Katsuya says warnings from the national intelligence agency about agents of influence shouldn't be taken lightly. (NTD Television)

    Former Spy: CSIS Warnings on Agents of Influence Should Be Taken Seriously

    OTTAWA—Agents of influence—spy lingo for those advocating the interests of a foreign country either unknowingly or surreptitiously—are among the most challenging elements CSIS has to... Read more

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