• A new report from Statistics Canada suggests marijuana use may be down among teens and young adults. (Marcel van Hoorn/AFP/Getty Images)

    Marijuana Use Among Teens, Young Adults May Be Down: StatsCan

    TORONTO—A new report from Statistics Canada suggests marijuana use may be down among teens and young adults. The survey shows younger Canadians are still the... Read more

  • Judge Says He Doesn’t Know How Long Duffy Trial Will Take

    OTTAWA—The Mike Duffy trial looks like it is going to go longer than the 41 days allotted, potentially dragging it into the orbit of the... Read more

  • Supreme Court Rules Prayers Can’t Continue at Quebec Council Meeting

    MONTREAL—In a decision that had an immediate impact in several cities and towns across the country, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Wednesday that prayers... Read more

  • Trudeau Rules Out Coalition with NDP After Saying He May Be Open To It

    HALIFAX—Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he doesn’t see any possibility of a coalition with the NDP, a day after he said he would “maybe” be... Read more

  • CBC Radio Rebrands Radio Program ‘Q’ as ‘q’

    TORONTO—CBC Radio says its revamped arts and culture show “Q” has been renamed, sort of. The new name is the same, but spelled with a... Read more

  • Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz leaves a press conference after the central bank’s decision to hold the overnight rate target at 0.75 percent in Ottawa on April 15, 2015. (The CanadianPress/ Patrick Doyle)

    Bank of Canada Keeps Rates Unchanged, Expects Mid-Year Rebound

    OTTAWA—The Bank of Canada left the overnight rate at 0.75 percent on April 15, expecting the economy to rebound strongly in the second half of... Read more

  • A poster for National Canadian Film Day, complete with that most Canadian of icons—a Mountie—who is hefting a reel of what is no doubt Canadian film. (REEL Canada)

    National Canadian Film Day: Time to Watch a Canadian Movie, Eh?

    OK Canada, get out the popcorn and prepare to watch a great Canadian movie on April 29, the second annual National Canadian Film Day. English-Canadian... Read more

  • Former Defence Minister Peter MacKay announces increased spending on mental health care programs at a news conference in Halifax on Sept. 12, 2012. New documents show the Canadian military has found recruiting new psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers to be an uphill battle. (The Canadian Press/Andrew Vaughan)

    Despite Paying Top Dollar, Some Military Mental Health Jobs Hard to Fill

    OTTAWA—New documents show the Canadian military found recruiting new psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers an uphill battle because the government’s top pay scale wasn’t high... Read more

  • US Military to Ask Canada for New Missile Sensors in the Arctic

    WASHINGTON—The U.S. military is preparing to request that new sensors be installed in the Canadian Arctic that would be able to track different types of... Read more

  • Sustane Technologies’ distruptive technology is able to separate metal, plastic, and biomass materials from garbage to create viable recycling and fuel products, including pyrolized plastics that can be burned with diesel and in other combustion engines. (Courtesy Sustane Technologies)

    Disruptive Technology Turns Trash Into Cash

    Peter Vinall has risked much to build a business that could be the solution to the world’s garbage problem. The engineer and businessman in him... Read more

  • An artist’s rendering of the National Memorial to Victims of Communism slated to be built this year. Despite the controversy over the memorial’s location, Minister responsible for the National Capital Commission Pierre Poilievre says it will be built in the chosen location near the Supreme Court of Canada. (ABSTRAKT Studio Architecture)

    Victims of Communism Memorial Will Go Ahead in Current Location: Poilievre

    OTTAWA—The building of the National Memorial to Victims of Communism is to go ahead, says Pierre Poilievre, despite the controversy surrounding its location. Poilievre, the... Read more

  • An artist’s sketch shows John Nuttall resting his hand on a Qur’an and his co-accused Amanda Korody in provincial court in Surrey on July 9, 2013. Nutall’s lawyer suggested in court on April 8, 2015, that the key witness in the case—an undercover police officer—encouraged Nutall to build pressure-cooker bombs. (The Canadian Press/Felicity Don)

    Lawyer Suggests Undercover Cop Steered Accused BC Terrorist to New Plan

    VANCOUVER—A key witness in a terrorism trial underway in British Columbia has denied playing a heavy-handed role in encouraging the man accused of building pressure-cooker... Read more

  • Former boxing champion Mike Tyson holds a white homing pigeon at the Grand National Pigeon Show in Ontario, Calif., on Feb. 2, 2015. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council says a Toronto television station breached the broadcasting code of ethics during an interview last year with Tyson. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    Profanity-Laced Tyson Interview Violated Broadcast Ethics, CBSC Rules

    TORONTO—The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council says a Toronto television station breached the broadcasting code of ethics during a interview last year with former heavyweight boxing... Read more

  • Al-Jazeera English journalists Canadian Mohamed Fahmy (R) and Egyptian Baher Mohammed leave court after a hearing in their retrial near Tora prison in Cairo on March 8, 2015. Fahmy's lawyer says the federal government is the only impediment to a new passport being issued for his client. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

    Canadian Government ‘Only Impediment’ to Fahmy Getting Passport: Lawyer

    The lawyer for a Canadian journalist facing long-decried terror charges in Egypt is accusing the federal government of being the only impediment to a new... Read more

  • Duffy Lawyer Uses Dictionary in Dissecting Senate Residence Rules (Duffy-Trial)

    OTTAWA—In a trial expected to delve deep into the often murky rules of the Senate, an ordinary dictionary played a key role Wednesday during suspended... Read more

  • Alberta Premier Calls Provincial Election for May 5

    Premier Jim Prentice dropped the writ a year early for an election that will send Albertans to the polls on May 5. By law, the... Read more

  • BC Mining Company Wants Civil Suit By 7 Shot Guatemalan Protesters Dismissed

    VANCOUVER—Seven protesters hurt in a spray of rubber bullets outside a mine in Guatemala should not be allowed to sue the mine’s Canadian parent company... Read more

  • Harper Rejects Stimulus to Help Economy, Stays the Course for Balanced Budget

    OTTAWA—Stephen Harper is making it clear there’s pretty much nothing that will keep him from balancing the federal budget this fiscal year. The prime minister... Read more

  • Participants take part in a rally in Montreal on April 4 to mark the milestone of 200 million people having renounced their membership of the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. The sign in French says, “Quit the Chinese Communist Party and recover your inner peace.” (Nathalie Dieul/Epoch Times)

    Breaking Ties With Tyranny

    Some lingering snow still butters the streets and sidewalks of Montreal but the thaw is well underway. Another figurative thaw is also underway in China... Read more

  • Museum of History Opens Exhibit Chronicling Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope

    GATINEAU, Que.—Doug Alward hasn’t spoken publicly about Terry Fox more than a couple of times in the 35 years since the end of the Marathon... Read more

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